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Product Updates

  • Become an Oracle UPK ISV Partner and discover new revenue opportunities Play! (15 min.)
    May 2, 2012
    Join Jennifer Fogg, General Manager, Oracle UPK ISV Partners, and learn how becoming an Oracle UPK ISV Partner can help you develop new revenue streams, provide competitive differentiation, and increase customer satisfaction of your products. By enhancing the implementation of your solutions with Oracle UPK Professional technology - you can ensure your software does not become your customer's 'shelfware'.
  • Get the most out of UPK - Migrate to UPK Pro 11.0 to Better Manage and Deploy Content Play! (13 min.)
    May 2, 2012
    Migrating to Oracle UPK Professional 11.0 is painless. With UPK Professional 11.0, you can better manage, develop, deploy, track, and measure content. Oracle UPK Pro 11.0 integrates with your LMS and can track course completion status, deliver secure role-based content and prescriptive learning. Discover how Oracle UPK Pro brings value to your software lifecycle and can become a key factor to a successful software project and learning program.
  • What's New in the latest release of Oracle User Productivity Kit 11.1? Play! (11 min.)
    March 8, 2012
    Join Beth Renstrom, UPK Product Management, and learn about the latest release or Oracle UPK and Oracle UPK Professional. Discover how you can expand content contribution, broaden collaboration, and reduce testing time with Oracle UPK 11.1. This is just what customers have been asking for...a new recording wizard and Test It! mode.
  • Improving Workforce Effectiveness with the NEW Oracle User Productivity Kit 3.6.1 Play! (11 min.)
    July 9, 2010
    In the face of significant business challenges such as emerging skills shortages, employee productivity, and the need for product and process innovation, companies are looking for ways to improve workforce effectiveness. By providing solutions for employees to better understand system and business processes, as well as their role within the company, organizations can improve employee productivity and address and aging workforce. Learn how organizations can master this challenge with Oracle User Productivity Kit.
  • Capitalizing on Knowledge and Improving Workforce Effectiveness with the NEW Oracle User Productivity Kit 3.6.1 Play! (11 min.)
    March 23, 2010
    There is no one-size fits all way to effectively tap a firm's intellectual capital. Companies must focus on how knowledge on the core processes and activities that enable it to compete is captured, used, and disseminated to build critical capabilities they need in order to succeed. Learn how organizations can master this challenge with Oracle User Productivity Kit and also hear what's new in Oracle UPK 3.6.1 and Oracle UPK Professional 6.3.
  • What's New in Oracle UPK and Oracle UPK Professional Play! (12 min.)
    March 31, 2009
    Stuart Dunsmore, Sr. Director, Oracle UPK and Tutor Development, highlights the new features in Oracle User Productivity Kit and Oracle User Productivity Kit Professional. Listeners will learn how to gain strategic advantage from this offering.
  • Integrating Global Knowledge Software and the Future of UPK Play! (10 min.)
    December 2, 2008,
    With the acquisition of Global Knowledge Software, SAP and Oracle customers are wondering about the future of Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK). Tune into this conversation with Sonny Singh, Senior Vice President, Product and Industries Business Unit to learn why Oracle purchased Global Knowledge Software, how an SAP solution fits into an Oracle strategy, and what that means for the future of UPK – the end user training and implementation solution for accelerating user adoption, ensuring the success of enterprise applications, and making organizations productive from day one!


  • Create Manual Test Scripts 50% Faster with Oracle User Productivity Kit Play! (15 min.)
    September 20, 2012
    Reduce testing time and successfully perform user acceptance testing and regression testing. Oracle UPK enhances the testing phase of the implementation lifecycle by reducing test plan creation time, improving accuracy, and providing the foundation for reusable training documentation, application simulations, and end-user performance support-all critical assets to support an enterprise application implementation.
  • JumpStart your implementation with Oracle User Productivity Kit pre-built content! Play! (10 min.)
    January 3, 2010
    Project teams are faced with tight deadlines for enterprise application implementations or upgrades. Learn how organizations can reduce their time to deployment by using pre-built content for Oracle User Productivity Kit. When organizations use this content for baseline system transaction flows early in a project, they can then simply modify and update the content as the application evolves to create user acceptance test scripts, transaction recordings, job aids, classroom training, online training, and support materials post-go-live. The value of pre-built content dramatically reduces time to deployment and overall implementation costs.
  • Enable Seamless Transformation and Effective Adoption of Change with Oracle User Productivity Kit Play! (12 min.)
    September 7, 2010
    Organizations go through continuous transformation and change - whether it is through mergers and acquisitions, standardizations of systems, a rollout of a new application or business process improvements. With Oracle User Productivity Kit, project teams can capture and deploy best practices to streamline efficiency, reduce cost, and ensure successful change adoption. Discover how organizations can leverage the multiple outputs of Oracle UPK for all phases of the project from blueprinting/design/configuration to testing/training/go-live as well as maintenance and support.
  • Oracle User Productivity Kit Best Practices for Upgrade Projects Play! (13 min.)
    August 3, 2010
    Minimize risk and increase success of your upgrade with Oracle User Productivity Kit. By providing value throughout the upgrade cycle, Oracle UPK can maximize your return on investment and quckly get your users up to speed on the new application. Learn how to use Oracle UPK for all phases of your upgrade project, including process review and design; application setup and configuration; testing, training and change management; and maintenance and support.
  • Effective Risk Management and Compliance with Oracle User Productivity Kit Play! (15 min.)
    July 21, 2010
    Organizations have invested heavily in automating systems to provide effective and efficient capabilities. But without educating end-users on how to properly use the systems, the risk of compliance problems increases and the value of these systems diminishes. Learn the consequences of ineffective users and how to avoid the risk of user errors trickling up to become boardroom problems.


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