Oracle Business Intelligence for Utilities

Rapid, Ready Access to Business-Critical Information

Helps you access, organize, and use your data to monitor activity, make decisions and meet goals, which enables you to identify risks, determine trends, and develop more accurate forecasts.

Stay Connected:
  • Provides pre-built extractors and schema for Oracle Utilities applications
  • Delivers a rich set of graphics, mapping, and mash-up tools
  • Offers near real-time analytics
  • Enables analytic depth and breadth at a fraction of the cost
  • Built on Oracle Business Intelligence, the leading enterprise platform
  • Low cost
  • Fast implementation
  • Faster, easier insights
  • Enterprise-wide vision
  • Productized upgrades

More About Oracle Utilities


From electricity generation and gas transmission and delivery to water purification and wastewater disposal, Oracle provides applications, cross-enterprise business processes, and solutions that help you meet your biggest challenges while delivering vital services.

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