Oracle Utilities Rate Management

Quickly Respond to Rate and Price Changes

Oracle Utilities Rate Management supports the design of new rates and analyzes the impact on customer bills, forecast revenue, and profitability in both regulated and deregulated markets.

  • Oracle Utilities Rate Management
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  • Compares the impact of alternative rate designs and pricing proposals
  • Accepts new rate components without reprogramming and compiling
  • Maintains audit trails of experimentation with proposed rates and prices
  • Tracks customers that migrate from one rate to another
  • Exchanges data instantly between risk management forecasting and trading-desk groups
  • Accesses rates, load, and customer demographic data quickly and easily
  • Provides fair allocation of resources and competitive pricing
  • Supports customer retention and earnings stability
  • Reduces manual effort by integrating all rate analysis functions into one product
  • Creates fixed price, index price, collars, time of use, swing, and spark spreads

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Oracle provides integrated solutions that enable utilities of all sizes and types to achieve optimal operational efficiency and outstanding customer satisfaction.

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