Oracle Utilities Smart Grid Gateway

Connect Utility Applications with Smart Grid Devices

Leverage a common connection among utility applications and smart grid devices to reduce the cost and complexity of introducing new devices, data streams, and business processes. Together with the Oracle Utilities Service Order Management module, drive a more effective, streamlined smart grid program.

  • Smart Grid Gateway
  • Smart Grid Gateway
  • Smart Grid Gateway
  • Smart Grid Gateway
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  • Delivers the first-of-its-kind predictive service-order automation engine for grid devices and meters with Oracle Utilities Service Order Management
  • Links all existing and future smart grid devices and applications
  • Handles AMI processes, including remote connect/disconnect and meter status
  • Creates a solid foundation on which to build smart grid business processes
  • Ensures efficient and timely flow of data to appropriate applications
  • Works with productized adapters for specific AMI systems
  • Bolsters the security and auditability of smart grid processes
  • Improves service-order task coordination and visibility across applications
  • Reduces costs to implement and operate smart grid processes and programs
  • Minimizes data duplication
  • Provides a common set of commands to foster application interoperability

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What's New: Oracle Utilities Service Order Management
  • Streamline meter service processes; maximize return from smart meter program investments, and eliminate manual work
  • Synchronize CIS, MDMS, and mobile-workforce systems for peak performance
  • Gain visibility of in-flight service orders across the entire organization
  • Reduce truck roll and field work redundancies
  • Optimize service work based on device or asset type
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Data sheet: Oracle Utilities Service Order Management

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