Oracle Utilities Load Profiling and Settlement

Execute Settlement, Forecasting, Data Aggregation, and Profiling

Use the market-leading, fastest, most-accurate aggregator of consumption and financial data available, with tools to validate, edit, estimate, and aggregate usage data to forecast and settle with retailers and suppliers.

  • Oracle Utilities Load Profiling and Settlement
  • Oracle Utilities Load Profiling and Settlement
  • Oracle Utilities Load Profiling and Settlement
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  • Aggregate usage data from multiple metering points and meter types to effortlessly manage diverse information
  • Support industry settlement standards with multiple load profiling and estimation methods
  • Track historic aggregated loads for dispute resolution
  • Report the results of settlement calculations to any customer information system (CIS) or other system for analysis or distribution
  • Calculate settlement routines for tens of millions of accounts daily using this highly-scalable solution
  • Minimize financial risk by verifying settlement statements and invoices
  • Minimize price risk and volume risk by understanding and covering your load position at all times
  • Minimize regulatory risk by studying proposed changes as well as reacting quickly to approved changes
  • Save time by reducing manual processes
  • Save money by reducing personnel needs

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