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AutoVue Enterprise Visualization Solutions

Oracle's AutoVue solutions are designed to meet all of an organization's document visualization requirements. They can serve as the window for visualization across all enterprise applications and can even meet the basic viewing needs of individual desktops. By enabling users to view, print, and collaborate on any digital information asset from any system, organizations can achieve true enterprise visualization and ensure the success of their projects.

Whether it's a simple PDF file or a complex CAD drawing, the need to share information is crucial to all industries, particularly product and asset-intensive industries. Enterprise engineering and asset information is typically only accessible by core engineering groups. However, it is required by the rest of an organization to effectively and securely perform operations, such as maintenance and repairs, project planning and execution, and change management. By delivering a framework that enables asset and product information to flow freely throughout the enterprise, AutoVue allows users to capitalize on existing information assets contained within all enterprise systems, vastly improving business processes and workforce productivity.

AutoVue enterprise visualization helps bring products to market faster, enables better business decision-making, and increases revenue and profitability.



Leverage Gain Accomplish
AutoVue enterprise visualization solutions Greater visibility of product, asset and engineering information
  • Share product, asset and engineering documents and information with all enterprise users
  • Make better business and technical decisions based on reliable information
  • Maximize workforce productivity
  Improved global team communication and collaboration
  • Drive collaboration best practices and promote communication across the enterprise
  • Capture audit trail of changes, decisions, and approvals with digital annotations and markups
  • Collaborate securely without risking valuable intellectual property
  • Support green initiatives
AutoVue integrations Streamlined business processes
  • Boost the value of enterprise systems with integrated enterprise visualization
  • Unlock asset information to all users and across all systems
  • Leverage existing IT investments


All members of the AutoVue user community are invited to participate in the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG). The OAUG remains the primary resource for Oracle applications professionals and is now AutoVue’s source for relevant and timely technical information, as well as exchanging tips and best practices, networking with peers, and sharing of implementation and usage strategies with others.

As your user group partner, OAUG has launched a new Enterprise Visualization Special Interest Group (SIG) designed specifically to facilitate peer-to-peer collaboration and information-exchange. The OAUG provides important resources designed to help you solve real business issues and influence Oracle's direction on your AutoVue business solutions. The primary means of communication for the EVSIG is through a Google Group – so sign up today to take part in AutoVue discussions and receive updates.

Learn more about how you can become part of a larger user group community and stay informed about AutoVue Enterprise Visualization solutions and Oracle. Visit the OAUG today.



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