Oracle Consulting for Oracle Exadata

Oracle Exadata Storage Servers combine smart storage software from Oracle and industry-standard hardware from Sun to deliver the industry's highest database storage performance. Oracle Exadata Storage Servers use a massively parallel architecture to overcome the limitations of conventional storage. Smart storage software offloads data-intensive query processing from Oracle Database 11g servers and does the query processing closer to the data. This massively parallel architecture also offers linear scalability and mission-critical reliability. Oracle Consulting can assist you with accelerating a successful migration to Oracle Exadata, and help optimize the Oracle Exadata experience.

The first step towards Oracle Exadata is to develop a migration strategy that prioritizes those applications that will realize the greatest performance improvements and cost savings. This will result in a roadmap for migration to Oracle Exadata that is aligned with business priorities. Oracle Consulting can then assist you with performing a smooth migration to Oracle Exadata, in order to realize a fast ROI, while minimizing the downtime of your business. Once your databases run on the newly acquired Oracle Exadata platform, Oracle Consulting can help you optimize the Oracle Exadata experience by leveraging specific Oracle Exadata capabilities to improve your business.


  • Architecture Roadmap for Oracle Exadata - Plan your maximum availability and extreme performance environment for your future business needs.
  • Migration to Oracle Exadata - A standard approach to migrate Oracle and non-Oracle Databases to the Oracle Exadata platform.
  • Optimized Oracle Exadata experience - Leverage Oracle Exadata capabilities based on Oracle best practices, for increased scalability and performance.