Oracle Consulting for Cloud Computing

Oracle Consulting services for Cloud Computing is for organizations looking to build a Private or Public Cloud environment.

Complementing various cloud products from Oracle, cloud services provided by Oracle On Demand Cloud Services and via partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Oracle Consulting approach to the deployment of Cloud environments is based on a pragmatic, experience based Cloud Services Framework.

The Framework has five phases to accelerate your journey to Cloud Computing. Experts from Oracle Consulting will first work with you to define your Cloud Roadmap and then together we will accelerate the Standardization, Consolidation, Automation and Optimization of your IT environment. To learn more, please join one of our experts on a free webinar that looks at the building blocks for a successful Cloud Computing deployment.


Each phase of the Oracle Consulting Cloud Services Framework results in tangible benefits, such as improved agility, increased efficiency and reduced costs.

By defining a Roadmap you can publish an agreed strategy for the cloud solution and for future phases of the framework. The Roadmap is defined in terms of the architecture and services that will be offered from the Cloud platform.

By Standardizing on a common architecture you can reduce RISK and increase AGILITY. Reducing the number of disparate vendors and maximizing the use of a common architecture across your business will result in a less complex landscape and it being easier to manage and faster to deploy new applications.

By Consolidating to a shared platform and shared infrastructure you can reduce COST and RISK. Consolidation will lead to improved utilization of available resources and in turn enable you to do more with your existing IT estate.

By Automating you can improve AGILITY and SPEED and benefit from further COST reductions. Environments are provisioned and deployed in a shorter timeframe, for example by deploying self-service and auto-scaling capabilities to the Cloud environment.

By Optimizing you begin to see the FULL benefit of Cloud Computing. The previous phases of Standardisation, Consolidation and Automation will enable your IT policies and processes to be streamlined. During Optimization you may additionally adopt metering or charge back capability.

Completion of all phases of the Framework will result in a more agile IT estate, with an architecture built on a standard and consolidated platform that enables applications to be provisioned quicker and that can rapidly adjust to changes in business requirements.

The Framework we use is not a rigid approach; instead its flexibility allows us together to create a unique roadmap, based on experience and leading practice, that maximizes your technology assets and delivers the greatest return on IT investment.

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