Oracle Consulting for Oracle Engineered Systems

Strategic Planning and Accelerated Deployment for Oracle's Engineered Systems

Oracle Consulting delivers architecture, migration and implementation services to help you quickly and effectively deploy your Oracle engineered systems technology.


Overview and Benefits

Oracle Consulting for Oracle Engineered Systems
Oracle Consulting for Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle's engineered systems are optimized to achieve enterprise performance levels that are unmatched in the industry. To help you define a strategy, deploy, and take maximum advantage of this technology, Oracle Consulting offers lifecycle services spanning from architecture and planning to implementation and migration.

Whether you are consolidating data center environments, optimizing your infrastructure for critical applications, or expanding an existing engineered systems environment, we will help you get there faster and with less cost and risk.

Key Benefits
  • Solid foundation: Build an architecture plan that meets your business goals
  • Faster implementation and migration: Ensure your system is quickly and effectively implemented and migrated
  • Increase IT value: Maximize the value and optimize performance of your Oracle technology

IT Strategy and Architecture Services

Leveraging best practices and reference architectures, Oracle architects develop a practical plan and migration strategy to help you get up and running quickly on Oracle's engineered systems. Our experts provide implementation guidance and operational readiness to help ensure successful adoption in your environment.

Migration and Implementation Services

Oracle Consulting leverages the power of the Oracle Migration Factory to help you migrate to Oracle's engineered systems. Whether you are upgrading and migrating your Oracle database environment, or migrating from third party platforms such as HP or IBM—our dedicated migration experts and proven and automated processes and tools will get you there quickly.

Our implementation services utilize unique product knowledge and industry expertise of Oracle's engineered systems consultants. From start-up packs to tailored implementation services, our experts help you successfully adopt and optimize Oracle's engineered systems.

Video: Maximize IT Value with Oracle Enterprise Architecture (1:45)

Customer Success Stories

SquareTwo Financial logo

SquareTwo Financial engaged Oracle Consulting and were able to implement in 35 days. SquareTwo Financial doubled its application performance from its Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic implementation.

SquareTwo Financial
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Monsanto logo

Monsanto used Oracle Consulting to supplement its internal resources during the implementation, and the company is currently engaged with Oracle Consulting Managed Services to support the Oracle Exadata environment. "We faced a very tight timeline to get this new database environment up in time for harvest. Oracle partnered with us and brought in the right people when issues arose, which reduced the implementation risks throughout the project. The responsiveness Oracle demonstrated showed they cared about our business and was one of the key reasons for our success."

Wendy Poulsen, R&D IT Strategy and Operations Lead at Monsanto
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