Oracle Migration Factory Approach

Using a proven factory approach and best-practice migration processes, the Oracle Migration Factory reduces traditional risks and costs associated with migration projects by focusing on these key principles:


Oracle's Migration Factory automates both key portions of the pre-migration process and the end-to-end migration process itself. By providing an online utility for the capturing of information about assets to be migrated, there is no need to use offline means to gather information and feed into an estimator since the Oracle Migration Factory takes care of that. A comprehensive set of business rules then provides an accurate estimate for completion of the migration and a detailed migration plan. That migration plan is executed within the Oracle Migration Factory itself, with many tasks automated via migration tools and the rest completed by architects and factory workers following prescribed guidance from the Oracle Migration Factory.


A factory must have an assembly line and a defined set of activities along that line to maximize efficiency and quality. This is exactly what the Oracle Migration Factory provides. Once a database or other asset to be migrated is discovered, the Oracle Migration Factory takes over the task of defining the steps involved and how long each step will take based on the size and complexity of the asset, and then assigns work to trained factory workers. These factory workers are experts not just in the entire asset migration, but are focused on specific tasks within a migration, leading to specialized factory workers who can perform their tasks with maximum speed and accuracy. This repeatable migration process within the Oracle Migration Factory leads to continual improvement and increased automation each time, constantly learning how to deliver faster and better results.


The Oracle Migration Factory is designed from the ground up to be driven by data. Everything is keyed around a large set of information discovered about the assets to be migrated. As Oracle professionals, we know better than anyone how to help customers migrate to Oracle products, what steps to follow, and how long it will take. The Oracle Migration Factory is the only Oracle-endorsed source for storing that information. What we do with that information within the Factory allows us to measure the accuracy of our steps and the effort required to complete each step for every migration we perform, so we can give you an honest, accurate, and real-time expected completion date. These measurements are also fed back into the Oracle Migration Factory business rules, so every subsequent migration becomes even more accurate.


The Oracle Migration Factory is built on a cutting edge Oracle platform. What this means to you is that all of the benefits that Oracle technology provides are available when you employ our Factory. Stakeholders will receive periodic dashboards with details about each asset being migrated. Project Managers will be able to drill down into each step in the migration and view actual effort as it relates to the overall migration plan. Factory Workers will be given a task-based dashboard with each task on their to-do list, estimated completion date, and detailed guidance helping them complete each task. The entire migration process within the Oracle Migration Factory is monitorable.


The Oracle Migration Factory is a self-service tool, allowing our best and brightest Oracle technologists full access to define their migration steps, author complete content describing each task, and define complex business rules that take results of asset discovery and feed into a migration estimate. This openness and flexibility creates a model that our customers can take advantage of. Working closely with Oracle Consulting, full migration processes can be defined and put into place, all within the Oracle Migration Factory.

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