Oracle Consulting for Data Warehousing

The Oracle Database is the leading database for data warehousing implementations, providing a highly scalable platform that can manage amounts of data greater than 10TB. Built on this platform, Oracle offers a comprehensive portfolio of technology and applications for data warehousing that integrate the latest in query, data indexing, data mining, and analytic functionality. Additionally, Oracle's experience with Very Large Databases (VLDBs), multi-user data marts, and variety of platforms and operating systems (including UNIX, Windows 2000, Linux, and others) is demonstrated by the number of successful customers running Oracle data warehouses today.


  • Deliver a data warehouse solution that is stable, accurate, and accessible to the lines of business
  • Build your data warehouse on an integrated, single-vendor platform—served by an extensive ecosystem of partner solutions
  • Minimize project risk with Oracle's proven database technology and acknowledged best practices for data warehousing
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