Oracle Berkeley DB

The Industry-Leading Embedded Database

Oracle Berkeley DB provides developers with fast, reliable, zero administration database with a SQL, Key/value, or Java interface. Oracle Berkeley DB is a library that links directly into your application. It works equally well on a handset storing megabytes to gigabytes of data on flash, or on a massively parallel enterprise server with dozens or even hundreds of cores, gigabytes of memory, and terabytes of storage.

  • Oracle Berkeley DB
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  • Eliminates overhead while providing the flexibility to tailor the database to your requirements
  • All administration is performed via an API and hidden from the end user, no DBA required
  • Great for mobile devices with static library size less than 1MB and runtime dynamic memory requirements of only a few KB
  • Scales to massively parallel enterprise servers with gigabytes of memory and terabytes of storage

What's New in Release 5.1

Based on the ubiquitous SQLite version 3 API, Berkeley DB provides a drop-in compatible SQL database library and command line tool

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Access databases on disk using standards-compliant drivers such as ODBC, JDBC and ADO.NET

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Release 5.1 is a drop-in SQLite upgrade in any mobile device including Android and iOS

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More about Berkeley DB

Berkeley DB is the industry's leading family of embeddable databases. It comes in three distinct editions to suite your needs.

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