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Oracle Berkeley DB provides the best open source embeddable databases allowing developers the choice of SQL, Key/Value, XML/XQuery or Java Object storage for their data model. At its core is a fast, scalable, transactional database engine with proven reliability and availability and over a decade of production use. Choose Oracle Berkeley DB for:

  • Extreme performance—we eliminate the overhead while providing the flexibility to custom tailor the database to suit your requirements
  • Zero administration—all administration is performed via an API and hidden from the end user, no DBA required
  • Mobile devices—static library size less than 1MB and runtime dynamic memory requirements of only a few KB
  • Low TCO—being embedded lowers implementation costs, licensing and hardware costs, and ongoing administration costs
  • "Berkeley DB's new SQLite-compatible SQL API offers powerful features not only for its users but to the SQLite community at large. Berkeley DB developers now have a proven embedded SQL engine to make application development even easier. SQLite users now have the option of a powerful, industry-supported storage engine that is built from the ground up for high-concurrency, and which includes powerful features like built-in replication and hot backups. The combination of the two technologies provides all developers with tremendous flexibility in that a single SQL API can now be used across a broad spectrum of applications ranging from the embedded space all the way up to large-scale transaction processing. Oracle has done a fantastic job of not only integrating the technologies, but also being an exemplary participant in the open source community by contributing time, expertise and resources to the SQLite project." - Mike Owens, author of "The Definitive Guide to SQLite"
  • "Oracle Berkeley DB 11gR2 combines seamlessly the benefits of SQLite's ubiquitous API with Berkeley DB's concurrency and performance into an easy-to-use product. SQLite users can now benefit from enhanced concurrency and performance, and Oracle Berkeley DB users can now benefit from an easy-to-use SQL API." - Dr. Richard Hipp, architect, SQLite
  • "Berkeley DB 11gR2 is a very interesting product mainly because it combines the familiar SQLite sqlite3() API with the powerful, proven Berkeley DB data storage technology. I was able to re-compile my SQLiteManager product against the Berkeley DB library without any major issues in very little time. I have now a product that is fully able to manage Berkeley DB databases without changing a single line of my code. So far performance and concurrency are excellent and I am thrilled to think about the future improvements of this great product." - Marco Bambini, CEO of SQLabs.


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