Oracle Berkeley DB XML

Oracle Berkeley DB XML is an open source, embeddable XML database with XQuery-based access to documents stored in containers and indexed based on their content. Oracle Berkeley DB XML is built on top of Oracle Berkeley DB and inherits its rich features and attributes. Like Oracle Berkeley DB, it runs in process with the application with no need for human administration. Oracle Berkeley DB XML adds a document parser, XML indexer and XQuery engine on top of Oracle Berkeley DB to enable the fastest, most efficient retrieval of data.


  • High performance—fast XML data storage and retrieval using W3C standard XQuery and XPath
  • Rich features—built on top of Oracle Berkeley DB, inheriting all its features such as transactions and replication
  • Zero administration—applications perform database administration, eliminating the need for a DBA and allowing continuous, unattended operation
  • Low TCO—extreme performance reduces hardware costs and being embedded eliminates DBA costs


  • Default pre-indexing—faster query execution with shorter development time
  • 30% smaller disk footprint—more efficient caching and faster document retrieval
  • XQuery extension support—integration with XQuery scripting services
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