Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition

The Embeddable Key Value Database Written Entirely in Java

Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition is an open source, embeddable, key-value database written entirely in Java. Like Oracle Berkeley DB, Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition executes in the address space of the application, without the overhead of client/server communication. Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition takes full advantage of the Java environment to simplify development and deployment.

  • Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition
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  • Stores data in the application's native format, so no runtime data translation is required
  • Provides an easy-to-use, programmatic interface, allowing developers to store and retrieve information quickly and reliably
  • Database architecture supports very high performance and concurrency for both read-intensive and write-intensive workloads
  • Provides Direct Persistence Layer (DPL) API for EJB-style POJO persistence, as well as a Java Collections API. Single JAR file for easy integration

What's New in Release 5.1

Supports automatic system fail over and load balancing of read operations, allowing developers to eliminate single points of failure and decrease downtime

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Delivers performance improvements to the existing concurrent execution and group commit functionality

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Provides constant access speed, independent of size, with no impact from garbage collection—helping it scale to multi-terabyte databases

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More about Berkeley DB

Berkeley DB is the industry's leading family of embeddable databases. It comes in three distinct editions to suite your needs.

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