Oracle Big Data Connectors

Integrating Oracle Database and Apache Hadoop

Oracle Big Data Connectors is a suite of software that integrates Apache Hadoop with Oracle Database. Organizations can use Apache Hadoop for data acquisition and initial processing, then link to enterprise data in Oracle Database for integrated analysis.

  • Oracle Big Data Connectors
Feature Benefit
Oracle Loader for Hadoop

Parallel, high speed load of data from Hadoop into Oracle Database

Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS

Parallel, in-place query of data in Hadoop from Oracle Database using Oracle SQL

Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop

High performance, scalable, parallel execution of R code in Hadoop

Oracle XQuery for Hadoop

High performance, scalable, parallel processing of XML data with XQuery in Hadoop

Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition*

Declarative, high-performance data movement and transformation in Hadoop



* Oracle Big Data Connectors includes a restricted use license for Oracle Data Integrator when licensed on Oracle Big Data Appliance. Additional licensing required on other clusters.

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