What Partners Are Saying About Oracle Database 11g


"We use Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Spatial 3D technology to enable our mutual users with a powerful feature to manage their infrastructure assets. Oracle Spatial 11g Release 2 now offers 3D data format support allowing 3D city data to be managed as part of mainstream IT processes." says Robert Mankowski, Senior Director of Civil and Geospatial Product Management at Bentley Systems
"It's no secret our customers want to manage their costs while still receiving the most innovative technologies and products," said Steve Rogers, Vice President, Capgemini North American Chief Architect. "With the new grid features of Oracle Database 11g Release 2, customers can cut their IT costs by consolidating their database applications on low-cost servers and storage grids while achieving the database performance and quality of service they need. Horizontal scaling with Oracle Real Application Clusters and infrastructure sharing means Oracle Database 11g Release 2 is ready for the next era of shared data centers."
"Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g delivers the highest level of scalability, availability, performance and security that our customers demand while lowering their deployment and maintenance cost" says Bob Ginn, Century Consultants, General Manager
"Cisco is working closely with Oracle to drive interoperability of Oracle's next generation database solutions with the Cisco Unified Computing System. We are encouraged that this effort can help our mutual customers evolve to a unified data center where the network, compute, storage access, applications, and virtualization resources are delivered in a single cohesive system." said Prem Jain, senior vice president for Cisco's server access and virtualization group.
"Active Data Guard with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 is designed to provide Oracle customers with the disaster protection they mandate, but now they can actively make use of previously idle server and storage resources for reporting, testing and backups," says Jim Cook, president of CSC's Business Solutions and Services Group
"The Total Recall option will meet our demands to archive and preserve historical data for long-term storage, and is also a very reliable way to retrieve data that was accidentally deleted. Great addition to our high-availability arsenal!" says MinSik Jang, Senior Director of Technical Division, DataHeaven
"EMC and Oracle have helped more than 70,000 mutual customers improve efficiency and control costs through leveraging our technologies together. As a long-standing Oracle partner, our engineers have worked closely with Oracle to extensively validate Oracle Database 11g Release 2, and document solutions which optimize the use of Oracle database features for data warehousing, high availability and consolidated information management" says Mike O'Neill, Vice President of Technology Alliances, EMC
"Our customers maximize both their top and bottom lines by leveraging the high availability features of Oracle Database 11g like RAC, ASM, Active Data Guard and Online Upgrade to reliably run their businesses 24/7 while simultaneously cutting administration costs." says Mike Julson, CTO, Escalate Retail
"The new functionality and performance enhancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 will improve work flows and therefore productivity for many of our users." says Josh Lewis, Director ESRI Business Partner Program
"Oracle Database 11g Release 2 features new capabilities to enable Fujitsu to offer clients even greater business-intelligence capabilities and tighter database-integration performance. Our alliance with Oracle is instrumental to the Fujitsu strategy for extending its cloud computing vision and Oracle's grid computing globally." says Richard McCormick, Senior Vice President of server and solutions business.
"Our customers demand more access to business information; and of course they want it faster than before. Oracle Database 11g Release 2 with its enhanced query caching, parallelization and offloading of query processing to HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers provides the extreme performance our customers require. HP and Oracle are well positioned to help customers garner more business value out of their Oracle Database investment," said Mike Crowsen, vice president, Oracle Corporate Alliance, HP
"Many of our customers run global businesses with 24 by 7 requirements, so taking their IFS applications offline to perform maintenance causes them serious inconvenience and even revenue loss," says Dan Matthews, Chief Technology Officer, IFS. "We have tested the new edition-based redefinition capability that Oracle Database 11g Release 2 brings during our participation in its beta program and we are excited at the prospect of deploying it to enable the online upgrade of IFS's applications. Our customers will then be able to install updates to our applications' database objects, including tables, while the applications remain open for normal use."
"Intel and Oracle have worked together for many years to ensure that our customers benefit from lower cost of ownership by consolidating database applications onto highly scalable, reliable, and power efficient industry standard grids — based upon intelligent Xeon based servers running Oracle Real Application Clusters. Oracle Database 11g Release 2 takes grid computing to a new level in terms of ease of management and provisioning." says Doug Fisher, Intel VP & GM System Software Division
"Oracle Database 11g Release 2 offers Intergraph and its customers the high availability and disaster recovery protection we require for our 24/7 mission critical applications," says Teresa Smith, senior vice president, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure. "Intergraph's public safety, utilities, and geospatially powered offerings protect millions of people around the world every day. We are excited to see Oracle making the commitment to continually improve Oracle Real Application Clusters and Active Data Guard technologies to help us provide the reliability and scalability our customers expect from Intergraph's enterprise applications."
"With our corporate and government customers now securing privileged identities on hundreds of thousands of computers, it's a natural choice for Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager to run on Oracle Database 11g. Today Oracle Database 11g sets the standard for scalability, security, and 24/7 availability," says Philip Lieberman, President of Lieberman Software Corporation.
"We are excited with the capabilities in Oracle Database 11g Release 2, in particular with the new grid features that enable a significant reduction in deployment costs. With Automatic Storage Management and Cluster File System, our customers will be able to effectively manage the data growth anticipated from federal guidelines surrounding clinical and hospital systems," says Jay Caviness, Database Infrastructure Architect, McKesson Provider Technologies.
"Our customers have some of the largest BI deployments in the industry, and they rely on MicroStrategy's exceptional query performance to analyze vast amounts of data," says Sanju Bansal, COO of MicroStrategy. "Parallel in-memory caching of data in an Oracle Database 11g cluster will further enhance the performance of our customers' business intelligence applications."
"The latest Oracle RAC and ASM enhancements in Oracle Database 11g provides our DBAs with a lot of flexibilities to deploy and manage Oracle Grid Computing infrastructure; We can now use ASM as a unified storage solution to store data for both the Oracle Clusterware and the database." says Markus Cham, Senior Manager, Database Competency Centre, NCS Singapore.
"Oracle and NetApp have worked together for more than a decade to help our customers benefit from consolidating database applications on low-cost server and smart storage grids. With Oracle Database 11g Release 2, our joint customers get the performance and availability their users demand. Plus, they have a virtualized dynamic storage platform that provide improved efficiencies enabling scale-out infrastructures at low cost," says Phil Brotherton, VP & GM, Virtualization and Enterprise Applications Business Unit, NetApp.
"Advancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 2, Oracle RAC and ASM will provide our DBA' with a lot of flexibility to deploy and manage database systems, and take full advantage of clustering on low cost server & storage grids." says Dr. Zhang Xia, SVP, CTO & CKO, Neusoft.
"Oracle RDBMS has been an integral part of our ability to meet the scalability and reliability demands of our customers. Our Trading and Risk Management Solutions require a mix of Decision Support and high volume Transaction Processing. Oracle has enabled our products to keep ahead of increasing demands for higher trading volumes and more complex analytical processing. We look forward to the new features of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 to continue to enhance the capabilities of our solutions," says Mike Gallagher, Chief Technology Officer, OpenLink Financial, Inc.
"Oracle has long had an outstanding reputation of high performance and high reliability, delivering enterprise-class software and services that will help further advance the acceptance of the on-demand model, especially by business users. We look forward to working with Oracle to continue growing SaaS." says Treb Ryan, CEO, OpSource.
"Quest Software has been working with Oracle database for many years, and we are excited about Oracle Database 11g Release 2" says Billy Bosworth, VP and GM, Enterprise Database Business Unit, Quest Software. "Together with Quest's database management solutions, the robust functionality and improved performance in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 bring our customers a reduced cost of deploying and maintaining their enterprise data in Oracle."
"New features available in the release of the Oracle Database 11g -- such as parallel in-memory caching for query performance improvement -- give SAS customers on Oracle additional options to extend the impact and use of their SAS Business Analytics and SAS Solutions to solve very large and complex business problems," says Russ Cobb, VP of Alliances and Product Marketing at SAS.
"In addition to addressing the common causes of planned and unplanned downtime Oracle Database 11g now provides the ability to execute online application upgrades; this will be a huge benefit for us." says Jim Marshall, CEO, Spectrum K12 School Solutions Inc
Michael Gibson, vice president of worldwide indirect sales at SPSS Inc., says, "Oracle has been a long and valued partner, and SPSS fully supports Oracle Database 11g so customers can improve performance and get a higher return on all data assets. The combination of SPSS Predictive Analytics and Oracle Database 11g allows organizations worldwide to connect disparate information, easily produce, evaluate and deploy analytical models to analyze massive amounts of data, and better understand and predict future customer behavior to accelerate and improve decision making."
"The Sterling Selling and Fulfilling Suite and Sterling Business Integration Suite optimize and transform companies' key business collaboration processes with their customers, partners and suppliers," says Scott Pulsipher, senior vice president of Products and Marketing at Sterling Commerce. "The critical nature of these processes requires the
highest levels of availability, performance, scalability, manageability, and security. The new high availability capabilities in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 will further enhance the performance of our customers' real-time interactions with their business collaboration network to accelerate revenues and reduce costs."
"Consolidating database systems on Oracle Database 11g Release 2 using Oracle Real Application Clusters and Automatic Storage Management provides customers with economies of scales on low-cost grids that are extremely fast, reliable and scalable," says Rafey Kazi, CIO, SunGard Energy Solutions.
"Banks aim to expand the number of products and services per customer by improving customer services in order to foster retention. Legacy systems do not offer the flexibility to add new products easily and respond to market changes rapidly," says Andreas Andreades, CEO, TEMENOS. "TEMENOS T24 aligned with Oracle technologies presents a modern core banking system that allows a bank to build an application infrastructure that meets the requirements of today, while providing the flexibility needed to respond to whatever tomorrow brings. Markets change rapidly and financial institutions need to be in a position to respond to this change by using adaptive technologies."
"As a Global Systems Integrator for Oracle, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) utilized Oracle's combination of high performance database server and storage grids, infiniband networks and performance optimization features of Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Exadata storage software to deliver excellent query performance, enable high scalability and simplify storage management for Oracle's large data warehouses," said Sridhar Bakshi, Oracle Global COE Head, TCS.
"Every database customer we speak to has security as a top-of-mind issue and increasingly they are adopting encryption as industry best practice for protecting data-at-rest," says Franck Greverie, Vice President, Managing Director for the information systems security activities of Thales. "Integration with Thales HSMs allows joint customers to benefit from dedicated encryption key management functionality and provides organizations using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 additional security features to help meet today's ever-evolving data threats and compliance mandates."
"After months of testing and validation and final migration to Oracle Database 11g with Oracle RAC, there is no doubt in our mind that no enterprise data base solution should be without a true clustered, load balanced, scalable solution like Oracle RAC. The unbeatable fault tolerance, performance, lower computing cost, more self management, auto tuning and scalability has helped us to maintain our 100% uptime and satisfied customers in our SaaS environment." says Nasser Mirzai, Vice President of Technology, TradeBeam Inc.
"The latest enhancements in Oracle Database 11g Release 2 provide a scalable and changeable architecture that is truly revolutionary. The ability to mix and match pieces of the architecture to fit our needs and load demands takes Oracle to a new level." says Rich Niemiec, President, Rolta International EICT, President, TUSC - A Rolta Company
"Consolidation is the key to saving money; Oracle Database 11g Release 2 is the key to consolidating all of your business system in a complete and flexible way." says Rich Niemiec, President, Rolta International EICT, President, TUSC - A Rolta Company
"The new binary XML features of 11g allows us to greatly expand our application configurability. Using the advanced performance features included in Oracle 11g will allow us to further improve our scalability and performance," says Peter Wolfe, Director of Development, Ventyx.
"The combination of Oracle Real Application Clusters and Voltaire InfiniBand enables customers to increase network throughput and reduce network latency resulting in faster performance and greater scalability for their database environments," says Asaf Somekh, vice president of marketing, Voltaire. "Our joint customers with Oracle are seeing their application performance increase significantly while simultaneously lowering the cost of computing."
"ATG has a long history of working with Oracle to enable mission-critical applications. Their database has the performance needed for demanding e-commerce sites, and Real Application Clusters provide horizontal scalability and cost-effective high availability for the data tier. This makes it a popular choice among ATG customers, and our choice for ATG's On Demand commerce business. Most recently, we certified Oracle 11g on our latest releases, ATG 9 and 9.1. We are confident this represents one of the best combinations in the market for enterprise solutions." says Robert Brazile, Chief Technology Officer, ATG.
"We are delighted to support the new Oracle 11gR2 database. We are confident that the new release will add significant value to our customers for critical enterprise business application who depend on relevant and timely web data for making better and faster business decisions." says Stefan Andreasen, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Kapow Technologies.