"Temenos has certified the Oracle Database Appliance as an ideal 'Bank-in-a-Box' solution for T24 customers who are looking for reduced deployment costs and low maintenance with high performance. We are excited with the Oracle Database Appliance's new virtualized platform that will provide workload isolation between the database and application."

Simon Henman
Technology Manager, Temenos, a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork with Oracle Database Ready status


"As a long time Oracle Fusion Middleware partner, we are excited about the new possibilities this opens for our customers. The ability to install, deploy and provision Oracle WebLogic Server together with Oracle Database on this device seamlessly, in less than 2 hours will give our customers unprecedented agility in getting new Java based applications up and running in record time. The ability to provision additional cores and 'pay as they grow', coupled with the affordability of this appliance, makes it an attractive option for smaller to mid-sized companies."

Howard Moore
Chief Executive Officer, Keste, a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork


"Our company retains our market leadership through our commitment to delivering superior technologies and services that meet our clients’ risk and insurance needs, wherever they might be in the world. The Oracle Database Appliance plays a critical role in our scalability and efficiency, allowing us to easily create new solutions and practices globally, at a lower total cost of ownership."

Scott Wilson
Vice President Hosting & Technology Operations, Aon eSolutions


"Moving forward, we cannot imagine operating a clustered database environment without Oracle Database Appliance. It gives us the high performance we need and is easy-to-deploy and maintain."

David Weiss
Senior Database Administrator, Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


"The Oracle Database Appliance enabled the newest module of our core hospital management system to go to production quickly. The simple database deployment and administration helped us significantly reduce the time and resources required to implement and maintain a high availability mission-critical database. The engineered database appliance allows us to expand the hospital's IT capability without increasing technical resources while supporting future expansion."

Wang Changdai
IT Department Head, Baoding City 2nd Hospital


"Oracle Database Appliance is critical to our business, as we cannot run the risk of leaving a hospital unsupplied. It enables us to achieve high levels of availability, reliability, and speed for e-commerce transactions, even as our customer base grows."

Haniel Muniz
IT Director, Bionexo do Brasil


"With Oracle Database Appliance, we’ve automated existing processes and created new ones. This helped us to unlock our IT infrastructure to deliver better services to customers, merchants, and internal users."

Sebastião Carlos
IT Manager, Brasilcard Administradora de Cartões Ltda.


"Best-of-breed systems from multiple vendors are complex, costly and time-consuming to set up. I see the Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle engineered systems as the future for CallSource."

Jason Scinocca
CTO, CallSource


"The Oracle Database Appliance has benefitted our customer base greatly since its launch, and the success of the first version has set the stage perfectly for Oracle Database Appliance X3-2, as we are already seeing tremendous interest and uptake from customers. Our established ISV program will also benefit significantly from the Virtualization capabilities of the new release, allowing us to deploy all-in-one application and database stack solutions for our partners."

Abdul Sheikh
CTO, Cintra


"Thanks to Oracle Database Appliance, we have a single, optimized hardware and software system for business intelligence. We can respond to numerous requests from technical services and maintenance staff about inventory tracking, and aircraft schedule forecasting, which improves our ability to maintain our fleet, monitor stock, plan plane schedules, and ensure efficient catering services."

Francis Brisedoux
Database Administrator, Europe Airpost


"We consolidated six servers onto one Oracle Database Appliance, reducing space requirements and power costs. With improved system performance and streamlined administration, we are getting important information into our business users’ hands much faster."

Charles Puma
Database Administrator, Export-Import Bank of the United States


"Oracle Database Appliance, along with the other Oracle solutions we implemented, form the heart of the company’s brokerage’s operations. The high availability the system offers us during São Paulo Stock Exchange’s trading sessions is absolutely vital to our business. We have benefited greatly from the system, reducing the amount of customer data and the need for IT support from 20% to 0.5%."

André Cariús
Chief Technology Officer, Grupo Brasil Plural


"We chose the Oracle Database Appliance for 3 main reasons - performance, ease of deployment/upgrading, and the single point of contact for support. And I can confirm it delivers on all 3."

Graeme Hodgens
Senior Infrastructure Engineer, In Practice Systems Ltd.


"We were able to get the Oracle Database Appliance up and running easily and started to see the benefits right away. With the Oracle Database Appliance, we effectively removed cost and complexity from our data center without compromising performance and availability for our user community, all while shoring up our infrastructure for future growth."

Piotr Motykiewicz
Vice President of Technology and Product, Interactive One


"Oracle Database Appliance sets new standards for performance, price, reliability, and scalability. Its preconfigured, ready-to-go delivery makes it a game-changer in the market."

Kostas Yanniotis
Board Vice Chairman and Managing Director, INTERSALONIKA General Insurances S.A.


"Oracle Database Appliance, combined with its rapid implementation and zero maintenance costs, represented the ideal solution, enabling us to guarantee service continuity with a high degree of scalability."

Andrea Casadio
Chief Information Officer, IRCE


"We chose Oracle Database Appliance to centralize our student information system because it offered high performance, efficiency, reliability, and is easy to use—the perfect solution for education institutions that offer academic and general administrative services. We can process course registrations 5x faster and have reduced system maintenance costs by 13%."

Giyeol Nam
Assistant Manager and Software Architect, Information Management Team, Office of Information and Communications, Konkuk University


"We chose Oracle Database Appliance for its high availability and outstanding efficiency and performance—it is the perfect solution for broadcasting companies. As a result, we cut implementation costs by 40% and reduced database migration time from one day to four hours."

Shin Yong-woo
Deputy General Manager and Project Manager, Engineering Department, MBC Radio


"Oracle Database Appliance is an engineered system where all the components work together. We completed the deployment in two-and-a-half hours out of the box, rather than in 5 to 10 days, if we had chosen a non-engineered solution."

John Walters
Managing Director, Nextgen Distribution


"Real estate professionals require high availability and performance to access information and better manage their activities. Thanks to Oracle Database Appliance, real estate agency groups can receive answers to the most data-intensive queries 20x more quickly, which helps better support sales."

Luc Rolland
Information Technology Director, Poliris


"Oracle Database Appliance not only enables us to ensure the 100% availability of our critical emergency dispatch application, we can create databases 40% faster and have ensured a cost-effective and scalable data infrastructure to support future growth."

Greg Clark
Senior Oracle Database Administrator, SourceGas


"Our core business revolves around efficiency and real-time collaboration, so having the right technology infrastructure is critical to optimizing patient care and outcomes. With a flexible, scalable system to maximize our database power, the Oracle Database Appliance is engineered for performance, which helps our customers ensure patients receive the best care in a timely fashion. Now, we can continue our organic growth, without increasing our database support, which is a huge advantage for us."

Darren Jones
Chief Operating Officer, Strata Health Solutions


"Oracle Database Appliance has performed flawlessly as a production ERP server. Batch process run times are significantly shorter due to the exceptional I/O performance of the Oracle Database Appliance and end user experiences have improved. Oracle Database Appliance has exceeded our expectations."

Bill Smith
Assistant Manager Database Management at The University of Toledo


"As retailers of Unique Gifts, our online business demands the highest level of performance and availability. Our recent upgrade to the Oracle Database Appliance has provided a significant leap in performance, availability and security, while the rapid deployment capabilities allowed us to confidently meet our annual seasonal peak sales period."

Casey McCarthy
CTO, Uncommon Goods


"With the Oracle Database Appliance Virtualized Platform, we can run multiple workloads in the same server while providing isolation between databases and applications. This enables us to provide our customers a single-system solution that's affordable and simple to deploy."

Luigi Giuri
CEO, Wirex


"The great thing about Oracle Database Appliance is that it allows us to have the database, database clustering for high availability, storage, and applications in one single device. In addition, it allows us to use the capacity-on-demand capabilities to enable just one Oracle license to start off with, and then, as the customers in that region grow, we can enable more Oracle licenses to grow as needed. It’s a great model for us."

Jeff Schulte
Vice President of Scalability and Architecture for Operations at Yodlee

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