Oracle Widens the Manageability Lead Against DB2

Edison Group: Oracle Saves 43% in Database Management Cost over IBM DB2

In a recent study conducted by the Edison Group, found that database administrators (DBAs) can perform day-to-day administrative tasks 40% faster with Oracle Database 11g vs. IBM DB2 Enterprise 9.5. The study also shows how organizations can save 43% annually in database management costs using Oracle over DB2.

Once more Oracle Database 11g with its industry leading self-management infrastructure, simply outperforms IBM DB2.  Read More.


  • DBAs can perform typical administrative functions 40% faster using Oracle Database 11g compared to IBM DB2 Enterprise 9.5.
  • Oracle Database 11g requires 49% fewer steps for the same set of standard RDBMS tasks than IBM DB2 Enterprise 9.5.
  • Benefiting from increased DBA productivity due to lower complexity and higher efficiency, businesses could save up to $35,155 per year per DBA by using Oracle Database 11g over IBM DB2 Enterprise 9.5.
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