Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition

Plug into the Cloud

The latest generation of the world’s #1 database, Oracle Database 12c is available on a choice of platforms. Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition features more than 500 new features including a new architecture that simplifies the process of consolidating databases onto the cloud, enabling customers to manage many databases as one without changing their applications.

  • Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition
  • Manage Many as One: One standby database covers all pluggable databases
  • Automatic Data Optimization: Usage based data compression
  • Oracle Database Security Solutions: Defense-in-Depth for Maximum Security
  Oracle Database Express Edition
Oracle Database Express Edition
Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition One
Oracle Database Standard Edition One
Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition
Oracle Database Standard Edition
Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
Maximum 1 CPU 2 Sockets 4 Sockets No Limit
RAM 1GB OS Max OS Max OS Max
Database Size 11GB No Limit No Limit No Limit
Oracle Multitenant       Option

Big Data and Data Warehousing

Oracle Advanced Compression       Option
Oracle OLAP       Option
Oracle Partitioning       Option
Oracle Advanced Analytics       Option
Transportable Tablespaces, Including Cross-Platform      
Star Query Optimization PL/SQL only
Summary Management - Materialized View Query Rewrite      
Information Lifecycle Management      

High Availability

Oracle Active Data Guard       Option
Data Guard      
Transaction Guard      
Cross-Platform Recovery      
Cross-Platform Backup      
Fail Safe  
Flashback Query
Flashback Table, Database and Transaction Query      
Oracle Secure Backup Oracle Secure Backup is its own product that works with each Oracle Database edition.
Server Managed Backup and Recovery  

Performance and Scalability

Oracle Real Application Clusters     Option
Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node       Option
Adaptive Execution Plans      
Integrated Clusterware  
Automatic Workload Management    
Java, PL/SQL Native Compilation PL/SQL only
Oracle In-Memory Database Cache       Option

Security Defense in Depth

Data Masking       Requires Oracle Data Masking Pack
Real Application Security      
Oracle Database Vault       Option
Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Oracle Audit Vault is its own product that works with each Oracle Database edition.
Oracle Advanced Security       Option
Oracle Label Security       Option
Secure Application Roles      
Oracle Virtual Private Database      
Fine-Grained Auditing      
Proxy Authentication  
Data Encryption Toolkit

Application Development

Oracle Flashback Data Archive  
SQL Pattern Matching  
Temporal Database  
Oracle SQL Developer
Oracle Application Express
Java Support  
Comprehensive XML Support
Comprehensive Microsoft .Net Support, OLE DB, ODBC


Oracle Real Application Testing       Option
Oracle Enterprise Manager  
Automatic Memory Management
Oracle Automatic Storage Management  
Automatic Undo Management


Basic Replication  
Distributed Queries/Transactions

Unstructured Data Management

Oracle Spatial and Graph       Option
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Oracle Secure Enterprise Search is its own product and ships an embedded database. It can also be configured to use a pre-existing Oracle Enterprise Edition (EE) database. Only Enterprise Edition databases are supported for this purpose.
Oracle 1-800-633-0738
Launch Webcast: Introducing Oracle Database 12c
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