Oracle NoSQL Database

Horizontally Scaled, Key-Value Database for Web Services and Cloud

Oracle NoSQL Database provides a powerful and flexible transaction model that greatly simplifies the process of developing a NoSQL-based application. It scales horizontally with high availability and transparent load balancing even when dynamically adding new capacity.

  • Oracle NOSQL Database
  • Simple data model using key-value pairs with secondary indexes
  • Simple programming model with ACID transactions, tabular data models, and JSON support
  • Application security with authentication and session-level SSL encryption
  • Integrated with Oracle Database, Oracle Wallet, and Hadoop
  • Geo-distributed data with support for multiple data centers
  • High availability with local and remote failover and synchronization
  • Scalable throughput and bounded latency

What's New

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Oracle NoSQL Database is now available

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Video: EngineON Big Data Solutions Rely on Oracle NoSQL Database (2:17)
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Database Innovation Online Forum: Keynote by Tom Kyte
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