Oracle Advanced Analytics

Extend Oracle Database into an Advanced Analytics Platform

Oracle Advanced Analytics extends the Oracle Database into a comprehensive advanced analytics platform through two major components: Oracle R Enterprise and Oracle Data Mining. With Oracle Advanced Analytics, customers have a comprehensive platform for real-time analytics that delivers insight into key business subjects such as churn prediction, product recommendations, and fraud alerting.

  • Oracle Advanced Analytics
  • Oracle R Enterprise extends the database with the R programming language’s library of statistical functionality, and pushes down computations to the database
  • Oracle R Enterprise users can use their existing Oracle R Enterprise development skills and tools, and scripts can now also run transparently and scale against data stored in Oracle Database
  • Oracle Data Mining provides powerful data mining algorithms that run as native SQL functions for in-database model building and model deployment
  • Users of the Oracle Data Mining feature can build, evaluate, share, and deploy predictive analytics methodologies while also making high-performance, Oracle-specific data mining algorithms accessible to Oracle R Enterprise
  • Allows customers to easily scale analytics as data volume increases by bringing the algorithms to where the data resides–in the database
  • Enables Oracle R Enterprise users to take advantage of the extreme performance of Oracle Exadata
  • Provides data analysts with direct but controlled access to data in Oracle Database, accelerating data analyst productivity while maintaining data security
  • Lowers overall TCO for data analysis by eliminating data movement and shortening the time it takes to transform raw data into actionable information
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