Oracle Advanced Compression

Maximize Storage Utilization, Reduce Costs, and Improve Performance Automatically

Oracle Advanced Compression helps businesses manage data growth more cost-effectively by automating data management processes that maximize resource utilization with compression rates of 2 to 4x across all types of data and applications, saving disk space and improving query performance.

  • Oracle Advanced Compression
  • Advanced Row Compression reduces storage footprint, saving disk space and costs while improving query performance
  • Advanced Network Compression compresses network data to reduce network traffic and significantly improve CPU performance on narrow bandwidth connections
  • Advanced LOB Compression and Deduplication, with SecureFiles, provides a high-performance infrastructure for managing unstructured data
  • Heat Map feature tracks access to tables, partitions, and individual blocks to provide deep insight into how your data is accessed by applications and end users
  • Automatic Data Optimization enables you to set policies that enforce data compression, including Hybrid Columnar Compression when used with Oracle NAS and SAN storage and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, moving data automatically, with information maintained by heat-map tracking
  • Includes Flashback Data Archive for storing and auditing historical data
  • Reduce database storage footprint 2x to 4x across all environments
  • Get faster query performance as a result of higher disk scan rates and I/O reductions
  • Eliminate performance impact on DML operations
  • Reduce disk I/O with more data compressed and stored in-memory
  • Use with any OLTP or data-warehousing application, no changes required
  • Reduce administrative overhead with dynamic automation
More About Oracle Storage Management Products

Oracle Database 12c integrates cost-effective database storage management and data optimization capabilities to help you automatically manage data growth to maximize utilization of database resources while reducing management complexity to meet the data demands of your business.


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