Oracle Partitioning

Cost-Effective Database‚Ä®

Oracle Partitioning enhances database manageability, performance, and availability for a wide variety of applications. Oracle Partitioning allows tables, indexes, and index-organized tables to be subdivided into smaller pieces and managed cost-effectively on different disk storage tiers with a finer level of granularity to improve access performance.

  • Oracle Partitioning
  • Allows tables and indexes to be stored separately in a tiered approach for better performance and resource utilization
  • Transparent to applications and simple to implement
  • Maintenance operations can be performed with no impact on query performance
  • Dramatically improves query performance and speeds up database maintenance operations
  • Lowers costs by enabling a tiered storage approach that allows data to be stored on the most cost-effective storage for better resource utilization
  • Combined with Oracle Advanced Compression, it provides an automated approach to information lifecycle management using a simple, efficient, yet powerful way to manage data growth and reduce complexity and costs
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Oracle data warehousing and business intelligence products provide a fast, reliable, low cost way to meet the complex reporting and analytics needs of the most demanding organizations.


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