Oracle Retail Data Model

Oracle Retail Data Model is a standards-based data model designed and optimized for Oracle data warehouses. Oracle Retail Data Model combines market-leading retail application knowledge with the power of Oracle's Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platforms. Combining pre-built data mining, online analytical processing (OLAP), and dimensional models, Oracle Retail Data Model delivers industry-specific metrics and insights that can immediately improve your bottom line.

Oracle Retail Data Model can be used in any application environment and is easily extendable. With Oracle Retail Data Model, you can jump-start the design and implementation of a retail data warehouse to quickly achieve a positive ROI for your data warehousing and business intelligence project with a predictable implementation effort.

Oracle Retail Data Model provides the basis for operational reporting, detailed analysis, fraud detection & loss prevention, as well as forecasting, trend & predictive analysis. With pre-built Oracle OLAP and Oracle Data Mining models geared toward specific retail business problems, Oracle Retail Data Model transforms retail data into insightful, actionable information.


  • Maximize the value of your data warehouse—Delivers the most sophisticated trending and retail-specific data mining, data modeling, and OLAP capabilities available today
  • Reduce implementation risks—Pre-built content and reports facilitate a fast, easy and predictable implementation
  • Integrate into existing environment—Compliance with retail industry standards ensures interoperability with any retail and POS system
  • Combine retail expertise with best-in-class technology—Optimized for Oracle's leading data warehousing technology for best-in-class scalability, reliability, and performance
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