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Oracle Database Podcasts

  • Novation Improves Scalability and Performance 41x with Oracle Exadata
    Novation, a leading health care supply contracting company selected Oracle Exadata Database Machine to support the growth of its Supply Chain Data Management platform. Hear how Novation plans to increase data load throughput, improve customer report times by up to 41x, achieve storage savings with Hybrid Columnar Compression, and reduce customer on-ramp to analytic services from days to hours.
  • Oracle and Cloudera working together on Big Data
    Çetin Özbütün from Oracle and Mike Olson talk about Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle Big Data Connectors, why Oracle is using Cloudera's distribution including Apache Hadoop, and how the two companies are working together.
  • IOUG President Discusses COLLABORATE 12
    Andy Flower, president of the Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) discusses what's in store for attendees at COLLABORATE 12 in Las Vegas Nevada (April 22-26)
  • EnerNOC Consolidates & Improves Performance 5x on Exadata
    EnerNOC, developer of technology-enabled energy management solutions, uses Oracle Exadata Database Machine to boost OLTP and data warehouse performance, maximize I/O efficiency, consolidate mixed workloads onto a single platform, and create cost controls around storage. EnerNOC has been able to realize a 5x boost in performance of its real-time demand response database, while lowering I/O resource utilization by 50 percent. EnerNOC sees Oracle Exadata as the strategic component to its growth formula and TCO equation as it continues growth and expansion of its core business offerings.
  • The Waters Corporation uses Oracle Data Provider for .Net to bring together the best of both worlds in Oracle and .Net.
    Waters Corporation, a world leader in developing innovative, analytical science solutions for testing labs, discusses their use of Oracle Data Provider for .Net to develop their Scientific Data Management System- UNIFI. Iosif Igna, Technical Architect, explains how Oracle Data Provider for .NET helped meet their design goals of UNIFI to be able to store large volumes of data, scale from workstations to large enterprises and combine the functionality of many legacy products.
  • IBI Group Integrates Oracle Advanced Security into Toll Operation Application
    Global independent software vendor, the IBI Group are a provider of integrated services in Urban Land, Facilities, Transportation and Intelligent Systems. In meeting customer demands to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, the IBI Group reduced time to market by integrating Transparent Data Encryption into their Toll Operation application using Oracle Advanced Security - without having to change any application code.
  • Database as a Service using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c
    Listen in as Anand Akela, Senior Principal Product Director, Oracle talks with Sudip Datta, Senior Director, Oracle Enterprise Manager Product Management, about the paradigm shift for deploying database applications and services to the cloud faster through Database-as-a-Service.
  • Nextgen deploys Oracle Database Appliance in 2 1/2 hours
    Nextgen Distribution Managing Director John Walters was looking for a reliable, fast-to-deploy database solution with minimal support and maintenance costs. He chose the Oracle Database Appliance in part for its pay-as-you-grow software licensing model, which offers flexible scalability. The end result: Nextgen Distribution was able to deploy the Oracle Database Appliance in just over 2 hours, and to free up the majority of their implementation funds to be spent developing better sales, financial management, and reporting processes instead.
  • Oracle Advanced Security Helps Sabre Comply with PCI DSS
    As the world's largest software-as-a-service provider to the aviation industry, technology has powered Sabre Holdings to the top of the travel industry. Challenged with securing sensitive customer, employee and travel industry data, Sabre uses Oracle Advanced Security and Transparent Data Encryption to enable compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards requirements.
  • Introducing Oracle NoSQL Database
    With the advent of big data, NoSQL databases are finding a role in the enterprise. Join Oracle Director of Product Management, Dave Segleau as he explains what they are, when (and when not) to use them, and then discusses Oracle's own enterprise-ready offering - Oracle NoSQL Database.
  • Diamond Resorts International Audits Oracle Applications with Oracle Audit Vault
    Annually, nearly 1.4 million owners, members and guests enjoy the simplicity, choice and comfort Diamond Resorts International offers through their branded hospitality experience. Challenged with proving the integrity of financial data in their Oracle E-Business Suite and custom applications, Diamond Resorts International integrated Oracle Audit Vault to consolidate, secure and report on audit trials and comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Lower the cost of a database migration project and simplify efforts with Oracle SQL Developer
    Learn how a Major Financial Institution used Oracle SQL Developer for their migration project. Shridhar Dave, a Senior DBA shares his experience with how Oracle SQL Developer helped covert code 10X faster, reduce resources with multi-DBMS knowledge and simplify their entire migration process to Oracle Database 11g.
  • Major Financial Institution reduces storage consumption by 2X to 4X with Oracle Advanced Compression
    IT managers need to efficiently manage their storage infrastructure to manage costs, yet continue to deliver extraordinary application performance. The Advanced Compression Option of Oracle Database 11g provides a robust set of compression capabilities that enable IT managers to be successful. Tune into this special podcast, recorded live at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 to learn how OLTP Table Compression reduces your storage costs and increases database performance.
  • BT Deploys Oracle Database as a Service, cutting provisioning time from weeks to minutes
    Tune into this special podcast recorded live at Oracle OpenWorld 2011, to hear Surren Partabh, CTO of Core Software Technology Support and Services at BT Operate, a division of British Telecom, share his organization's experience to consolidate and deploy Database as a Service. Learn how BT Operate transformed it's complex and growing database environment with Oracle technologies to deliver cloud-based database services to over 13,500 IT professionals around the world.
  • Cornell University Reduces Access to Sensitive Data with Oracle Data Masking
    One of the eight Ivy League schools, Cornell University, found itself in the unfortunate position of having to inform over 45,000 current and former members of the University community that their names and social security numbers had been exposed when a University-owned laptop was stolen. Wanting to ensure that this kind of breach couldn't happen again, Cornell University took steps to ensure that data used for non-production purposes such as testing and development is de-identified with Oracle Data Masking.
  • The i-Engineers discuss a cutting edge, health solution using the DICOM support feature in Oracle Database 11g
    Peter Summermatter, CEO and founder of TiE, the i-Engineers from Zurich, Switzerland, drops by the OTN lounge at Oracle Open World 2011 to discuss how nearly 50% of hospitals in Switzerland have implemented the Health Engine, designed by TiE and Oracle. Learn how Peter used Oracle Database 11g and the Multimedia feature to design the Health Engine solution and manage DICOM-enabled patient records.
  • Netretail Holding: Developing and operating an e-retail enterprise using PHP and Oracle Database 11g
    Hear how Netretail Holding built an e-retail enterprise with Oracle Database 11g and the successes they've achieved. Michal Taborsky sat down at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 to talk to us about how Netretail use the advanced features of Oracle Database 11g and the agile web-development language PHP to efficiently create stores in Europe like and run one of the largest online retail business that has a 40% growth rate per year.
  • IQNavigator Uses Oracle Exadata to Power its SaaS Platform and Provide Real-Time Reporting Services
    Tune in to hear John Martin, COO of IQNavigator discuss how Oracle Exadata has enabled real-time reporting and improved performance and scalability for the company's SaaS platform.
  • MetLife's Oracle Active Data Guard Implementation Story
    Asha Santosh, Lead DBA at Metlife discusses their implementation experience with Oracle Database Active Data Guard. Hear from her on tips and tricks, surprises encountered, and finally ROI on the implementation.
  • Time Warner Cable deploys Enterprise GIS system with Oracle Spatial
    Learn how Chris Nelson, Senior GIS Manager with Time Warner Cable and Oracle Partner, Immco's VP of Sales, Murali Balakrisnan developed the "Map-Zilla" project - an enterprise GIS solution, built on Oracle Spatial and Mapviewer 11g. Hear why Time Warner chose industry leading Oracle Spatial technologies.
  • Cost-Effective Data Growth With Oracle Exadata Storage Expansion Rack
    Customers with large, mission-critical databases need a scalable, cost effective way to store massive amounts of data but they also need extreme performance for accessing that data. Learn from Ron Weiss, Director of Product Management at Oracle how Oracle's new Exadata Storage Expansion Rack creates a new, economical way to add extreme performance storage servers to an Oracle Exadata Database Machine.
  • iHASMD use Oracle Database 11g to improve patient care with new tele-health solution.
    Sometimes you just have to visit the hospital or doctor's office for a medical appointment. But often, moving care into the home using the right telehealth solution will generate a better outcome at lower cost. Listen to John Donnellan and Dr Michael Miller if iHASMD describe their solution, why it embeds Oracle Database 11g and how telehealth can help not just individual patients, but the entire healthcare delivery system.
  • Oracle Premier Support helps Database Customers meet Service Level Objectives
    Tune in to hear how Oracle Premier Support provides personalized, predictive and proactive services to maximize the performance, availability and security for Oracle Database 11g users.
  • Pulse Networks meet real-time SLAs with Oracle Database 11g and Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database
    Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes as carriers route calls to and from your cell phone and landlines? Jay Kunrathnam, COO at Pulse Networks, explains how their solutions help service providers find the lowest cost connections for calls, saving their customers as much as $1M per month. Jay also covers why their solution embeds both Oracle Database and Oracle TimesTen to meet their complex realtime needs.
  • Polk Delivers High-Value Insights to Customers with Oracle Exadata
    Polk, the premier provider of automotive information and marketing solutions, implemented a state-of-the-art BI and data warehousing solution with Oracle Exadata. Learn why Polk selected Oracle and how it is using Oracle Exadata and Oracle Business Intelligence 11g to deliver high-value insights to their customers.
  • Zebra Technologies Runs Oracle Applications on Oracle Database 11g
    Jeffrey Hand, IT Director at Zebra Technologies discusses how running Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Siebel applications on Oracle Database 11g has provided a cost-effective and simplified solution for managing their IT systems.
  • MorphoTrak Improves Quality of Service with Oracle Active Data Guard
    Aris Prassinos, Chief Engineer, MorphoTrak discusses how Oracle Active Data Guard lowers costs and enhances quality of service for their customers' IT Systems by offloading resource-intensive activities from their production database to standby databases.
  • Accanto Systems identify and predict phone network problems using Oracle Database 11g
    When callers have a problem with their mobile phones, they tell their friends. Find out what goes on behind the scenes of your calls as Paolo Trevisan explains how Accanto Systems uses Oracle Database 11g to identify and even predict network issues. This helps service providers deliver improved quality of service while reducing costs.
  • ODTUG President Discusses Kscope 2011
    Mike Riley, President of the Oracle Development Tools User Group (ODTUG) discusses what's in store for Oracle developers and architects at Kscope11 in Long Beach California (June 26-30).
  • Educational Testing Service (ETS) Puts Oracle Advanced Security to the Test
    ETS is a global leader in creating, managing, and evaluating over 50 million assessment tests in 180 countries including the GRE test and the College Board's SAT test. Recognizing the importance of protecting customer data privacy and integrity, ETS implemented a broad program to safeguard the personally identifiable information (PII) it collects and comply with regulatory requirements. Learn how ETS uses Oracle Advanced Security with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to protect this data at the source - their Oracle databases.
  • Keeping it Simple: TDS Telecom Upgrades to Oracle Database 11g
    Jeff Branan, Database Architect at TDS, shares the simplicity of their upgrade from Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g and Real Application Clusters.
  • TVS Motor Company runs SAP on Oracle Database 11g
    Mr. T. G. Dhandapani, Group CIO at TVS Motor Company, in India discusses how their SAP applications rely on Oracle Database 11g Release 2, Oracle Advanced Compression, and more.
  • Arieso optimize phone network performance using Oracle Database 11g
    We've all suffered from dropped calls or lost data connections on smart phones. But how do the networks figure out the problem? Hear Arieso describe their solution, built on Oracle Database 11g, that can pinpoint the exact coffee shop where issues arise.
  • DBA Advice from Author and Oracle DBA, Michelle Malcher
    Michelle Malcher, time-served database administrator and author, offers advice for SQL Server DBA's switching to Oracle Database 11g.
  • America's Cup-Winning Trimaran Arrives in San Francisco
    After a long trip via the Panama Canal, the trimaran, USA 17, that won the 33rd America's Cup has arrived in San Francisco (home of ORACLE Racing and 34th America's Cup). Join Ian "Fresh" Burns, design coordinator for ORACLE Racing in a close and personal look at USA 17, and some of the database technology behind it. John Brust of Oracle hosts.
    Available as an Audio Podcast or Video Podcast (MP4).
  • athenahealth, Inc. Protects Critical Databases with Oracle Active Data Guard
    Paul Beltrani, Director of Systems with athenahealth, Inc, talks about their cloud-based solution for managing patient communication, electronic health records and more. Paul also discusses the need for the highest availability of its services and how Oracle Active Data Guard helps them reach these goals and make better use of standby databases.
  • IOUG President on Collaborate 11 Priorities and Real World Performance Tour Success
    Andy Flower, President of the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), discusses plans for COLLABORATE 11 and what folks can expect when the Real World Performance Tour rolls to their town.
  • Hotwire Competes with Innovative Analysis Using Oracle Exadata
    Kolin Ohi, Business Intelligence Architect at Hotwire, discusses how Oracle Exadata has enabled Hotwire to be more innovative in its data use, giving Hotwire significant advantage in the highly competitive discount travel industry.
  • Real World Performance Day Master Class
    Tom Kyte, Oracle performance specialist and Host of "AskTom.Oracle.Com" tells us what's in store at The IOUG's Real World Performance Day.
  • America's Cup comes to San Francisco
    Ian "Fresh" Burns, member of the winning team of the 33rd America's Cup and design coordinator for Oracle Racing, discusses the recently selected San Francisco location for the next America's Cup, the new sailboats, and how they plan to use technology to keep America's Cup in the Bay.
  • Targetbase Enhances its Client Services with Oracle Exadata
    Targetbase helps brands capture, analyze, interpret, and take action on consumer data. CTO Ed Forman discusses how Targetbase is using Oracle Exadata to improve query performance, store data more efficiently and extend support of mixed workload requirements - which is helping it to provide enhanced marketing services to its clients.
  • Discover Financial Services Relies on Oracle Active Data Guard
    Marvin Melville discusses how Oracle Active Data Guard with Oracle Database 11g allows Discover Financial Services, Inc. to increase ROI of existing disaster recovery hardware, while increasing the performance for reporting and queries.
  • Using Oracle Database 11g for DICOM Medical Image Management
    Learn how IBIS uses Oracle Database 11g as the foundation of an enterprise data management system that provides direct and immediate access to and control over DICOM clinical image data. Guest speaker Tony O'Sullivan, VP of Operations at IBIS, discusses the benefits achieved by deploying this solution at leading pharmaceutical companies.
  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Addresses State Breach Notification Laws with Oracle Advanced Security
    The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) is one of the oldest and largest osteopathic medical schools in the United States, with over 2200 students enrolled in PCOM's medical programs. In this podcast, Karen Zarinsky, MIS Security Administrator, explains how Oracle Advanced Security provides a cost efficient and fast solution for encrypting student and employee personally identifiable information stored in their SunGard Banner application to comply with Pennsylvania's data breach Laws.
  • Berkeley DB helps Adaptive Mobile secure your cell phone from cyber attack
    Cellphones are an attractive target for viruses, spam, phishing, even bullying. Adaptive Mobile sell security solutions to service providers to help them protect both consumers and enterprises from attack. Simeon Coney talks about the threats and how Adaptive Mobile use Berkeley DB to shorten time to market and deliver a solution that can handle 50,000+ transactions per second in real-time.
  • Turkcell Achieves Up to 400x Performance Improvement for its 100 TB Data Warehouse with Oracle Exadata
    Turkcell, the third largest mobile network in Europe runs its 100 TB data warehouse on Oracle Exadata. Learn from Ferhat Sengonul, Senior Database Administrator at Turkcell, how Oracle Exadata is able to deliver extreme performance for its multi-terabyte scale data warehouse, allowing Turkcell to strengthen its competitive position.
  • BNP Paribas Cuts Data Warehouse Size And Improves Manageability, Performance with Oracle Exadata
    Jim Duffy, Senior Data Warehouse Architect at BNP Paribas, one of the largest global banking and financial services groups in the world, discusses how BNP Paribas cut the size of its database in half with Oracle Exadata, resulting in better manageability and 17x better performance.
  • UnboundID rely on Oracle Berkeley DB
    UnboundID provide identity management technology for service providers who have extremely demanding environments with hundreds of millions of customers and tens of thousands of transactions that must complete in under 2 milliseconds. They rely on Oracle Berkeley DB to help meet those needs. Listen to CEO Steve Shoaff talk about UnboundID business and why they chose Oracle Berkeley DB. Steve also talks about the support from Oracle that enables UnboundID to provide service guarantees to their customers.
  • Introducing Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-8
    The introduction of Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-8 extends the family of Oracle Exadata Database Machines, offering customers an ideal consolidation platform for very large OLTP and data warehousing applications. Learn from Ron Weiss, Director of Product Management at Oracle, about Oracle's new product announcement and how customers can experience extreme performance for both high capacity data warehousing and OLTP workloads.
  • TransUnion Interactive Addresses PCI Requirements with Oracle Advanced Security
    TransUnion Interactive, Inc. is the consumer subsidiary of TransUnion, a global leader in credit and information management, which maintains credit histories on an estimated 500 million consumers across the globe. In this podcast, Ramdas Kenjale, Sr. Manager of Database and Infrastructure, discusses how Oracle Advanced Security with Transparent Data Encryption for Oracle Database 11g helped TransUnion Interactive meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) requirements and raise the bar on data security in just a few weeks.
  • Screen-Scraper Integrated with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search
    Oracle partner describes the integration of their technology with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search, and how it benefits customers by simplifying extraction of data from websites, implementing comparison shopping sites, performing market research, and more.
  • LinkShare Migrates to Oracle Exadata for Fast, Real-Time Data Analysis
    LinkShare, an online affiliate marketing network, helps a wide range of Fortune 500 companies including Macys, AT&T and WalMart design and execute effective online marketing strategies. COO Jonathan Levine discusses how LinkShare is using Oracle Exadata to change the way it conducts its business.
  • Migrating from Sybase to Oracle Database 11g – Customer Strategies and Success
    Lance Knowlton, Oracle VP of Platform Migrations discusses strategies for migrating customers from Sybase to Oracle Database 11g.
  • Immco Implements Cable Asset Management with Oracle Spatial
    Learn how Immco uses Oracle Spatial 11g and Oracle MapViewer 11g to provide an innovative GIS application for cable TV and broadband network asset management and decision support.
  • TIM w.e. Improves Performance and Scalability with Oracle Exadata
    Salgado, CTO and COO of TIMw.e., a leading interactive marketing and sales company specialized in the mobile and digital channels, discusses how TIMw.e has improved query performance to support real near-time decision making with Oracle Exadata.
  • CARFAX improves performance with Oracle Database 11g
    CARFAX has the most comprehensive 'vehicle history' database for used cars available in North America. And it achieves faster performance, higher availability, and improved scalability with Oracle Database 11g. Join us for a conversation with Daniel Smith, Senior DBA for CARFAX.
  • OnStar - Driving Success with Oracle Spatial
    Attend this podcast to learn how OnStar by GM leverages Oracle Spatial 11g as the geospatial data management foundation of their system to support high volumes of requests daily from the millions of motorists that OnStar serves.
  • Liberty AV Solutions CRM built with APEX
    Listen to this podcast to find out how a specialty cable manufacturer has built its own CRM application using Oracle Application Express (APEX), a database application development tool included with every edition of Oracle Database 11g. Gary Clark, CIO of Liberty AV Solutions, describes how the company leveraged APEX rapidly and easily to develop a Web-based application for handling interactions with Liberty’s customers.
  • Ross Stores Improves Information Security with Oracle Database Security Solutions
    Ross Stores, a Fortune 500 company, and the nation's second largest off-price retailer turned to Oracle Advanced Security and Database Vault to protect personally identifiable information in their HR and Finance applications, and outsource database application administration with confidence. In this podcast, Himanshu Parikh, Sr. Director Enterprise Architecture and Engineering at Ross Stores shares his experience.
  • Loyalty Partner Solutions Improves Performance and Scalability with Oracle Exadata
    Eric Nagel, Team Leader for Business Intelligence at Loyalty Partner Solutions, discusses how Oracle Exadata has helped Loyalty Partner Solutions differentiate itself through improved performance and scalability.
  • Easy Migration to Oracle Database 11g
    Many organizations are saving cost and maximizing the use of IT resources by consolidating their enterprise databases. Find out from Oracle expert Barry McGillin how Oracle SQL Developer offers tools to greatly simplify migration of data from Microsoft, IBM, Sybase and other databases to Oracle Database 11g.
  • Sharp HealthCare Reduces Storage Costs with Oracle Advanced Compression
    Sharp HealthCare is a not-for-profit integrated regional health care delivery system based in San Diego, California. Sharp HealthCare's Data Warehouse is a vital part of their Information System's infrastructure and runs on Oracle. Implementing Advanced Compression with Oracle Database 11g significantly reduced Sharp HealthCare's storage requirements and improved query performance.
  • All That Glitters: AngloGold Ashanti and Oracle Spatial 11g
    Attend this podcast to learn how AngloGold Ashanti, one of the world's largest mining companies, is making innovative use of Oracle Spatial 11g and Oracle Spatial's GeoRaster feature as part of their spatial data infrastructure, to manage and provide visual access to large amounts of complex data.
  • Envista Coordinates Infrastructure Projects with Oracle Spatial 11g
    Learn how Envista uses Oracle Database 11g with Oracle Spatial to provide an innovative Web-based solution enabling the coordination of infrastructure projects among utility, telecommunications and local government public works organizations.
  • Dell Perot Systems Relies on Oracle In-Memory Database Cache
    Bill Binko discusses how Oracle In-Memory Database Cache allows them to cut query response times by 10x, while providing the scalability and availability benefits that their customers require.
  • Oracle Database 11g helps BMW ORACLE Racing win America's Cup
    Ian "Fresh" Burns, design coordinator for the trimaran of BMW ORACLE Racing, discusses how technology helped bring back the America's Cup.
  • Oracle saves with Oracle Database 11g and Advanced Compression
    Oracle Corporation runs a centralized eBusiness Suite system on Oracle Database 11g for all its employees around the globe. This clustered Global Single Instance (GSI) has scaled seamlessly with many acquisitions over the years, doubling the number of employees since 2001 and supporting around 100,000 employees today, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week around the world. Join us to hear from Raji Mani, IT Director for Oracle's PDIT Group, on how Oracle Database 11g and Advanced Compression is helping to save big on storage costs.
  • Bentley Systems Leverages 3D Capabilities of Oracle Spatial 11g
    In this podcast, learn how Bentley Systems uses Oracle Spatial 11g in its Map and PowerMap products to manage 3D data in city government and other customer environments. Bentley's products are widely used by customers such as City of Prague that manage large Oracle Spatial databases for GIS and related applications including urban planning, city modeling and infrastructure management.
  • State of Connecticut runs Peoplesoft on Oracle Database 11g and RAC
    Jim Shumway and Angelo Romano discuss why Oracle Real Application Clusters was the ideal platform to scale the State of Connecticut's Core-CT systems for all their employees and agencies.
  • Oracle ACE Director Charles Kim discusses the Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook
    ACE Director and co-author of the "Oracle Data Guard 11g Handbook" - Charles Kim - discusses best practices and experiences using Oracle Data Guard.
  • Exor Manages Infrastructure Assets with Oracle Database 11g
    Oracle implementation expert Steven Feldman discusses how Exor - the world's leading provider of highways software – uses Oracle Application Express and Oracle Spatial to deliver integrated road management systems.
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