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New: Customers Talk About Oracle Database 12c (2:07)

"Oracle Multitenant will help lower our administrative costs since we can now manage many databases as one with fewer software installations and patches during the lifetime of our applications."

—Jens-Christian Pokolm, Database Designer and Architect, Postbank

Customers Talk about Oracle Database 12c

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e-DBA Achieves DBaaS with Oracle Multitenant (2:35)

"The upgrade to Oracle 12c and the multitenant capabilities have given us a huge amount of benefits. We've been able to massively decrease our hardware budget—by about 75 percent. Our consolidation ratio on Database is about five times what we were looking at previously. We've been able to significantly reduce the time, effort and, therefore, cost associated with standing up new environments and making clones for existing customer environments."

—James Anthony, Technology Director, e-DBA

Customers Talk About Consolidation (1:32)

"Oracle Multitenant is a step forward in that it gives us more control over our schemas and applications; to be able to isolate them, give definitive statements on how performance is working and be able to manage more databases better."

—Daniel Smith, Senior DBA, CarFax

User Group Members Talk About Oracle Database 12c (1:30)

"Oracle Database 12c rewrites the rulebook."

—Martin Power, Australian Oracle User Group

Sabre Holdings Talks About Data Redaction (1:14)

"Data redaction will help us mask displayed data and we don't have to modify the application code. This means that time to market is a lot quicker and the resources required to secure sensitive data are dramatically reduced."

—Billy Tong, Senior Principal Database Architect, Sabre Holdings

Customers Talk About Privilege Analysis (1:10)

"What you’re able to do now is report on which user has what privilege…and the information comes straight from the database."

—Michelle Malcher, President of IOUG and Oracle Ace

Aramark Talks About Oracle Database 12c (1:23)

"Oracle Multitenant and cloud provide us with that option to be able to keep growing, keep meeting our business needs using what we've already vested in."

—James Lui, Senior Oracle Applications DBA, Aramark
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"Oracle Multitenant is a step forward in that it gives us more control over our schemas and applications; to be able to isolate them, give definitive statements on how performance is working and be able to manage more databases better."

—Daniel Smith, Senior DBA
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Postbank Systems

"Oracle Multitenant will help lower our administrative costs since we can now manage many databases as one with fewer software installations and patches during the lifetime of our applications."

—Jens-Christian Pokolm, Database Designer & Architect
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US Army Corp.

"The US Army Corps of Engineers' extensive use of the Point Cloud data type in Oracle Database Spatial and Graph…has dramatically increased scalability and provides a considerable savings of storage space."

—Michael Smith, Physical Scientist
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"It's a one-shot, unplug it, plug it in someplace else, and now it's up and running. That gives us a lot more time to actually focus on what the business needs us to do. For us, Oracle Multitenant actually is going to be a major administrative cost saver."

—James Lui, Senior Oracle Applications DBA
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"We have been very impressed by the robustness of the 12.1 beta and are very excited about upgrading as soon as it comes out to take advantage of features like container databases, cross-session result set cached functions and the various performance enhancements."

—Nick Salem, Director Software Engineering
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"It was a great pleasure to see that Oracle has not only re-defined the database, but has also continued to expand and enhance the core functionality of their application portfolio. Oracle Database 12c has lifted Oracle to the next level, across their entire offering. With routing maneuvers we can now provide the most accurate TomTom routes to all Oracle customers."

—Dan Adams, Vice President of Location and Live Services
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Payback GmbH

"The new parallel upgrade script promises to drastically reduce downtime due to planned maintenance. We saw a 37 percent improvement over the previous upgrade process in our environment."

—Harald Stefan, Head of Databases


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"Oracle Database innovation continues on Oracle Database 12c by optimizing the use of Intel® Xeon® Processors for the compute and storage nodes. Oracle Multitenant database lets you plug into the cloud by allowing for multiple configurable databases to join a master container database, resulting in lower processing and memory overhead. The performance and energy efficiency of Intel Xeon Processors further enables Oracle to drive this innovative approach to IT, creating a better way to scale critical information processing needs in any company."

— Pauline Nist, General Manager, Intel Datacenter Software Division
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"Our enterprise customers will appreciate the benefits of less complexity and maintenance with Oracle Database 12c, which features a multitenant architecture enabling delivery of pluggable databases. Consolidation of databases in the powerful combination of Oracle Database 12c running on Fujitsu’s robust server and storage platform will benefit customers."

—Akira Ohshima, General Manager, Solution Business Development Division
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"With Oracle Database 12c, we can now copy an entire database from one instance to another using full transportable export/import. This minimizes the downtime when migrating clients’ databases."

—Julian Dontcheff, Principal
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"With Oracle Database 12c and its unique multitenant architecture, Oracle changes consolidation and management of user data to make it simpler and more effective. This reduces maintenance time, accelerates projects and improves TCO. Other new features like "Heat Map" and "Adaptive Cursor Sharing" help to reduce storage costs and improve performance."

—Thomas Bordeau, Principal Consultant
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"We are very enthusiastic about all the new features of Oracle Database 12c—our customers will be quickly interested by the new multitenant architecture. Using a multitenant container database and pluggable databases will help them to decrease the TCO of their Oracle Databases."

—Laurent Léturgez, Oracle DBA Consultant
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"Adaptive Execution Plans in Oracle Database 12c builds on the monitoring of SQL execution times using Adaptive Cursor Sharing to automatically provide faster and more consistent SQL execution times!"

—Dan Hotka, Oracle ACE Director
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"With Oracle Database 12c I see the opportunity to consolidate more using pluggable databases and provide an environment that's basically separated, security-wise as well as maintenance-wise. This makes it easy for DBAs to manage more databases, but still maintain a high level of security."

—Michelle Malcher, President of IOUG and Oracle Ace
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"Being able to unplug and move databases around, will definitely be useful in more consolidated environments. This will help with customers that are doing traditional database consolidations and give them an extra layer of security that they wouldn’t get from schema consolidation."

—Andy Colvin, Principal Consultant
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"Global Data Services will help MorphoTrak improve systems utilization by dynamically load balancing application queries between replicated databases across distributed data centers. We had already eliminated the cost of idle capacity by deploying Oracle Real Application Cluters and Oracle Active Data Guard, and Oracle Database 12c takes us to another level. It replaces static load balancing between data centers with intelligent, real-time automation that efficiently utilizes all available capacity yielding greater ROI."

—Aris Prassinos, Chief Engineer, MorphoTrak, SAFRAN Group
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Logical Technology

"Oracle Multitenant allows us to consolidate hundreds of databases onto an Oracle Real Application Clusters environment whilst guaranteeing the separation that drove us to put them on separate servers previously."

—Martin Power, GM, Oracle Professional Practices
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Solix Technologies Inc.

"Solix EDMS platform can now leverage the data optimization features in Oracle Database 12c like heat maps, in-database archiving, partitioning, and compression along with Solix application-awareness to enable Oracle database customers to automatically and intelligently triage hot,warm and cold data patterns and drive ILM policies that help in performance and storage management and also meet evolving compliance requirements."

—Raghu Kodali, Vice President, Product Management & Strategy
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"jQuery Mobile means that mobilizing your application is now a point and click away, and the included packaged apps seriously reduce any learning curve for new APEX developers. Run, don’t walk, to APEX 4.2."

—Monty Latiolais, President
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TiE (The i-Engineers)

"Oracle Database 12c will greatly simplify our architecture, lower costs for our customers, and enable the i-engineer’s health engine to be deployed on an increased number of platforms."

—David Hofmann, Head of Research & Development
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"Oracle Database 12c offers exabytes of data capacity, fluid movement of data leveraging pluggable databases, unreal speed when combined with Oracle Exadata engineering, speed of thought analytics with the Oracle Exalytics hot warehouse, and intelligent management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control."

—Rich Niemiec, Author and former IOUG President and Advisor to the Rolta International Board of Directors
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VX Company IT Services

"With Oracle Multitenant you can have more databases on a single environment because of the overhead each single instance has with respect to memory and background processes."

—Rene Kuipers, CEO
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"The automated compression features of Oracle Database 12c make it much easier to automatically age out older data and store it on different storage compression level tiers."

—Mirko Hotzy, Principal Database Consultant
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Oracle Multitenant

Oracle Multitenant: Provision databases instantaneously
Oracle Multitenant: Manage many databases as one
Oracle Multitenant: Increase server utilization
Oracle Multitenant: Simplify database consolidation
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