Database Storage Management

Cost-Effective Database Storage Management

Oracle Database 12c integrates cost-effective database storage management and data-optimization capabilities to help you manage data growth, maximizing utilization of resources while reducing management complexity and meeting the data demands of your business.

  • Database Storage Management
  • Oracle Automatic Storage Management simplifies the relationship between database and storage to ensure the best I/O performance for database workloads while significantly reducing storage costs and complexity
  • Oracle Partitioning enhances database manageability, performance, and availability for a wide variety of applications by allowing tables, indexes, and index-organized tables to be subdivided into smaller pieces and managed cost-effectively on different tiers of storage to improve access performance
  • Oracle Advanced Compression helps businesses manage data growth more cost-effectively by automating data-management processes that maximize resource utilization with compression rates of 2 to 4x across all types of data and applications to save disk space and improve query performance
  • Oracle Hybrid Columnar Compression is available only with Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle SAN and NAS storage systems and reduces the size of data warehousing tables by 10x and archive tables by 15x, improving performance and reducing storage costs for primary, standby, and backup databases as well as snaps/clones for development, test, reporting, and more
  • Manage storage more efficiently
  • Reduce overall storage costs
  • Optimize storage performance
  • Accelerate queries
  • Protect against data loss
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Oracle Database 12c integrates cost-effective database storage management and data optimization capabilities to help you automatically manage data growth to maximize utilization of database resources while reducing management complexity to meet the data demands of your business.

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