Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Private Cloud

Private Cloud Infrastructure with Capacity on Demand

Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Private Cloud delivers Oracle Engineered Systems hardware and support for a monthly fee, with no upfront capital expenditures. Oracle IaaS Private Cloud combines the security and control of on-premise systems with unique features of cloud computing, including Capacity on Demand, which enables businesses to access and pay for peak CPU capacity only when needed.

  • Oracle Infrastructure as a Service
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Infrastructure as a Service Private Cloud for Engineered Systems Overview
Private Cloud Offering for Deploying Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Delivers Oracle Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, Big Data Appliance, and Oracle SuperCluster hardware and support, deployed in the customer's data center, for a monthly fee
  • Enables elastic scaling up and down of CPU capacity, charging only for peak CPU capacity for the months it’s used
  • Includes Oracle Premier Support for Systems. Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic, and Oracle SuperCluster also include Oracle Platinum Services and Oracle PlatinumPlus ServicesOracle PlatinumPlus Services for no extra cost.
Infrastructure as a Service for Private Cloud for Engineered Systems Benefits
Pay-As-You-Go. Elastic Capacity. Full Control and Visibility.
  • Eliminate upfront capital expense and spread the cost over time
  • Ensure full control, visibility, and security by having dedicated, on-premise servers
  • Handle peak computing workloads more efficiently and cost-effectively with Capacity on Demand
  • Receive the best service levels for reliability, security, and performance in the industry -- delivered by Oracle experts
  • Incur lower total hardware and hardware support costs than purchasing the system
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