Financing and Legal Policies


The Third Party Financing Policy applies to all transactions where a customer acquires Oracle products and services (whether from Oracle or its distribution partner), and chooses to pay for its acquisition by obtaining financing or leasing from a party that is not an Oracle affiliate. Such third party entity could include a distribution partner or its affiliate. Customers are subject to the current policies as posted. These policies are subject to change at Oracle’s discretion.

Pre-Delivery Transactions

Where the hardware software, or services have not been delivered to the customer, the transaction is subject to the following requirements:

Post-Delivery Transactions

Where the hardware, software, or services have already been delivered to the customer, Oracle cannot invoice the third party leasing entity. Post-Delivery Transactions are subject to the following requirements:


Financing and Legal Policies are translated into the following languages:

Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish


If you have questions concerning the documents, transfers or obligations that a Funder or Customer requests from Oracle, please fill out this Third Party Checklist form, then contact Oracle Financing by e-mail at

Last Updated: July 15, 2014