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When IBM launched its PureSystems it claimed they were neither appliances nor general purpose computing bundles, but a new, integrated infrastructure. And even though IBM appears to be comparing its PureSystems to Oracle’s Engineered Systems, there is no evidence IBM is delivering the same level of optimization or deep integration that Oracle provides when it engineers its hardware and software to work together using the entire stack.

In fact, Oracle’s strategy is quite different from IBM’s in that we innovate at the technology layer to reduce the dependency on add-on consulting services, which can significantly impact a customer’s total cost of ownership. As proof, in 2011, Oracle derived only 13% of its revenue from services while IBM raked in over 56% of its revenue from services. At Oracle, we engineer our systems for rapid deployment so our customers can achieve extreme performance, reduce complexity, simplify systems management, and lower their TCO.

University of Melbourne Runs Oracle E-Business Suite on Exalogic

University of Melbourne Runs Oracle E-Business Suite on Exalogic

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Top 5 Reasons Oracle Engineered Systems are a Smarter Choice than IBM PureSystems

1. Proven Performance with Thousands of Customers

Oracle Engineered Systems were launched 3 years before IBM PureSystems, and are already deployed by over 1000 customers in 43 countries and across 22 industries to run their mission-critical applications. In contrast, IBM PureSystems and PureApplication System were introduced a few months ago with only a limited number of customers in production.

Oracle has proven it can deliver 10x and greater application performance improvements and has posted over 60 application benchmarks on its engineered systems to date. IBM has yet to demonstrate that its PureSystems can provide anywhere near the level of performance improvement that Oracle Exadata, for example has already delivered.

Overcome Complexity; Unleash Innovation

Overcome Complexity; Unleash Innovation

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2. True Integration and Optimization for Extreme Performance

Oracle has integrated unique technology into its engineered systems that IBM simply cannot match with its PureSystems, including Hybrid Columnar Compression, smart scan, smart Flash-cache, query pre-processing in storage, built-in intelligent application load balancing, traffic routing and load control, content caching, and Exabus. This level of deep integration and optimization is what gives Oracle the ability to perform up to 1.5 million I/O operations per second with the Oracle Exadata Database Machine (at 10x to 15x compression ratios) and reduce our customers’ hardware footprint.

3. Flexible Application Deployment with License Portability

With Oracle you can deploy Oracle Database, applications, and middleware on Oracle’s servers or engineered systems with complete license portability, or utilize a system as a single image for a single demanding workload. IBM does not allow its customers to reuse or migrate their existing licenses of WebSphere Application Server or DB2 to the PureApplication System. Plus, they require applications to be bundled in a virtualized pattern, which IBM charges extra for. Oracle provides its templates at no additional cost.

4. Greater System Predictability and Consistency

Oracle Engineered Systems leverage a consistent set of hardware that includes server nodes, storage cells, and an InfiniBand network to provide predictable and consistent performance and simplified support. In contrast, IBM PureSystems introduce a high degree of variance in terms of functionality, RAS capabilities, and performance depending on which hardware nodes (POWER or x86), operating systems (AIX or Red Hat Linux), and networking elements are deployed.

5. Simplified Support and Lower Total Cost

Oracle Platinum Services is included with all Oracle Engineered Systems at no additional cost and provides 24/7 remote monitoring, industry-leading response and restore times, and update and patch deployment four times per year. Most of these services are not even part of IBM’s standard support option. They are only available through costly custom services bids.

Oracle also provides unified and on-going application-to-disk management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, which is included at no extra cost with Oracle Premier and Platinum Support. In contrast, IBM PureSystems require customers to switch to a new management paradigm and install not one, but two separate management consoles (FSM, CMM) with additional tools required for deeper management of third party elements. The multiplicity of management tools can significantly impact operational costs and increase the total cost of ownership for customers.

While integrated systems from other vendors may bring together the building blocks to provide a hardware platform for a shared infrastructure, they don’t necessarily optimize and tune that system for specific workloads. Only Oracle can innovate and optimize at every layer of the stack to simplify data center operations, drive down costs, and accelerate business innovation.

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