Oracle Web Services Manager

Centralized Policy Management for Governing SOA Interactions
Most organizations implement service-oriented architecture (SOA) with the hope of gaining more business agility through reuse of shared services. As reuse begins to take hold within the organization, however, it becomes critical to manage consumption of services or your SOA can quickly spin out of control. Oracle Web Services Manager provides a solution for governing the interactions with shared services through security and operational policy management and enforcement to ensure service reuse remains under control.


  • Establish trust—Build security and operations policies that can be layered over new or existing applications and services
  • Automate consumer management—Automate enforcement of contracts between consumer and provider to preserve business alignment
  • Ensure service levels—Use dashboards to monitor policies as they execute, to ensure service levels and avoid potential problems
  • Minimize compliance risk—Centralize creation and management of policies and apply anywhere