Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grid

The #1 In-Memory Solution Across Conventional and Cloud Environments

A key component of Oracle’s Cloud Application Foundation, Oracle Coherence predictably scales applications to meet mobile and cloud demands on shared services and infrastructure.

  • Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grid
  • Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grid
  • Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grid
Benefit Description
Scale Applications to Support Growth
  • Leverage scalable state and data management processing on the data grid for high performance and scalability
  • Chose from flexible high availability and multi-data center solutions
  • Enable an application infrastructure that drives business growth with dynamic application scaling
  • Provide consistent customer experiences as user demand increases
  • Deliver on mobile and cloud initiatives with confidence using existing hardware
  • Utilize Oracle Exalogic Cloud for even more speed optimizations
Protect Shared Services
  • Allow increased customer load without missed SLAs or overload on databases, mainframes, and other shared or partner services
  • Significantly increase performance of your applications to drive growth without costly infrastructure investments
  • Handle unpredictable loads and spikes in user traffic
  • Enjoy seamless integration with Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Exalogic Cloud to provide faster, more powerful, data transactions
  • Save mainframe or database costs by caching frequently used data
Deliver Information in Real Time
  • Hit response time requirements by leveraging scalable in-memory data grid capability to process transactions and events
  • Leverage the new Oracle GoldenGate HotCache to deliver database updates in real time to Oracle Coherence
  • Scale to meet the high-volume requirements of data sent from the "Internet of Things"
  • Deliver superior customer experiences through a variety of interface models
  • Simplify development of event-driven applications
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