Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for Batch

Save 50 to 80% vs. Mainframe, Increase Agility by Rehosting Applications to Open Systems

Provides a target environment for the migration of mainframe applications from IBM z/OS to an open systems application grid running Oracle Tuxedo, enabling a dramatic reduction in the cost of running mainframe applications.

  • Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS and Batch
  • Oracle Tuxedo Application Runtime for CICS and Batch
  • Runs rehosted IBM mainframe batch jobs with no change to JCL flow, COBOL business logic, VSAM/flat file/DB access at a fraction of the mainframe cost
  • Provides standard JCL functions, COBOL support, common utilities, access to migrated VSAM, DB2, and GDG file data for faster, lower risk migration
  • Access DB2, VSAM, flat file data migrated by Oracle Tuxedo Application Rehosting Workbench, remotely access DB2 on the mainframe
  • Control batch using Oracle and 3rd party schedulers. Leverage command line, service API, and Web UI for batch operations
  • Distribute the workload over a batch grid by running Initiators on multiple Tuxedo nodes for effective parallelization and reduced batch window
  • Reduce IT costs by over 50 percent vs. the mainframe by rehosting mainframe batch to traditional Linux/UNIX servers, engineered systems, and enterprise clouds
  • Simplify and accelerate mainframe rehosting by preserving COBOL logic, file/DB access, JCL job flow and structure, and batch operations
  • Improve availability and scalability of batch by distributing workload on Tuxedo’s application grid, leveraging automated fail-over and recovery
  • Extend, modernize rehosted batch with COBOL, C/C++, or Java programs, scripts, COTS modules, ODI capabilities, and rich BI options to supplement or replace existing reports
  • Regain control and reduce complexity of rigid IT infrastructure
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The #1 C, C++, COBOL application server for conventional, rehosted, and cloud environments with mainframe-grade RASP.

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