Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter

Integrate Your Java and Tuxedo Applications

A JEE Connector Architecture (JCA) based, bi-directional connector between Oracle Tuxedo applications and JCA compliant JEE application servers. Provides transparent and reliable access to existing Oracle Tuxedo services from JEE applications using standard Common Client Interface (CCI) and highly optimized Tuxedo JATMI.

  • Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter
  • Calls Tuxedo services from JEE applications (servlets, JSPs, EJBs and POJOs)
  • Calls EJBs and POJOs from Tuxedo services
  • Bi-directional global XA transactions context propagation between JEE application server and Tuxedo
  • Security context propagation from JEE application server to Tuxedo
  • Common Client Interface with support for use of all Tuxedo buffer types
  • JATMI support for simplified access and optimized performance
  • Standards-based interoperability among distributed applications that span diverse hardware and software platforms
  • No need to change Tuxedo domains configuration
  • Global XA transactions ensure data consistency
  • Facilitates the development of heterogeneous distributed applications with a cross-platform, cross-language data model
  • Lower your TCO by leveraging existing IT assets without the need for costly rewrites, integrate existing Tuxedo services into a SOA-based framework
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Oracle Introduces Latest Release of Oracle Tuxedo 12c

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