Oracle Tuxedo System and Application Monitor Plus

End-to-End Transaction and Services Monitoring for Oracle Tuxedo

Allows companies to manage live application requests, service activities, XA transactions, and throughput of Oracle Tuxedo servers.

  • Oracle Tuxedo System and Application Monitor
  • Fully integrated with and inherits benefits of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), such as Comprehensive SLA management framework
  • OEM Cloud Control also provides cloud management functionality for Tuxedo applications such as dynamic provisioning and deployment, scale-up, scale-out and more
  • Set and monitor alerts on application request and service execution times and the health of Oracle Tuxedo domains, servers, gateways, and other components
  • Query statistics on service performance, system performance, and specific application patterns with data on the service call tree
  • Investigate the performance and behavior of live application services
  • JMX interface for monitoring through 3rd party tools
  • Same console for management and monitoring
  • Enables detailed, end-to-end monitoring
  • Allows users to improve capacity planning
  • Provides comprehensive monitoring of utilization metrics for all components of the Oracle Tuxedo infrastructure
  • Enables you to maximize IT hardware in complex, mission-critical application environments
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The #1 C, C++, COBOL application server for conventional, rehosted, and cloud environments with mainframe-grade RASP.

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Oracle Introduces Latest Release of Oracle Tuxedo 12c

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