Oracle Tuxedo System Mainframe Adapters

Integrate Mainframe Applications with Modern Applications

Easily integrate mainframe applications running in IBM environments with other applications within your enterprise, and with e-commerce applications across the Web.

  • Oracle Tuxedo System Mainframe Adapters
  • Provides high-performance, bi-directional interoperability with IBM z/OS OLTP platforms, CICS and IMS TM mainframe environments
  • Supports TCP/IP and SNA connections
  • Provides transparent transaction integration, including two-phase commit (XA) coordination and security propagation
  • Enables rehosted CICS and IMS applications running on Tuxedo to maintain integration with CICS and IMS TM transactions on the mainframe
  • Meets the most demanding requirements with industry-leading scalability, reliability, and transactional integrity
  • Eliminates the development effort required to connect Tuxedo to mainframe applications
  • Enables you to deploy faster by concentrating your efforts on configuration, not coding
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The #1 C, C++, COBOL application server for conventional, rehosted, and cloud environments with mainframe-grade RASP.

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