Oracle Forms Recognition

Data that drives business processes is often locked within paper documents such as invoices, orders, and freight bills. Oracle Forms Recognition provides the technology to locate and extract this data from captured documents and deliver it to back-end business systems, reducing the need for manual processing. Oracle Forms Recognition is integrated with Oracle Document Capture and Oracle Imaging and Process Management, providing organizations with comprehensive, end-to-end capture, imaging and workflow components.


  • Out-of-the-box invoice processing—Optimized invoice processing system is ready to process invoices out-of-the-box as manual configuration of document templates is not necessary
  • Reduce manual processing errors—Intelligently locate and extract unstructured data from a broad range of documents, including purchase orders, remittance, freight bills, and healthcare claims, reducing costly, labor-intensive manual processing tasks and errors
  • Easily grow processing volumes—Increase document processing volumes across applications with a scalable forms recognition system