Reduce Costs with Oracle Content Management

Oracle Content Management offers a range of integrated content management solutions that can help you and your organization reduce costs while effectively managing content throughout its lifecycle. Oracle Content Management is a proven platform that extends the value of your current IT investment and can easily scale to meet the demands of your organization.


Oracle Content Management delivers tangible cost savings that can be realized through:

  • Improved productivity and reduced paper use—Implement Oracle Universal Content Management to efficiently create, distribute, and manage documents electronically reducing error-prone, labor-intensive workflows
  • Streamlined processes—Image-enable your line of business applications, such as accounts payable, leading to reduced document processing errors and decreased manual intervention with Oracle Document Capture and Oracle Imaging and Process Management
  • Lowered shipping costs—Expedite and secure the delivery of paper documents while lowering the costs of shipping paper from remote offices with Oracle Distributed Document Capture
  • Reduced content storage and discovery costs—Manage the lifecycle and retention of both records and everyday business documents from a single environment while removing outdated content making your records and retention program more efficient and content searches more effective with Oracle Universal Records Management
  • Enhanced information security—Secure your digital information everywhere it is stored and used ensuring that your organization's vital and valuable information assets are protected while reducing overall risk with Oracle Information Rights Management