Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder

Quickly Configure and Provision Multi-Tier Applications onto Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Take multi-tier enterprise applications—for example, a Web server, application server, and database—and package them into self-contained, single-purpose virtual machines.

  • Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder
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  • Configure, assemble, and deploy entire application topologies
  • Capture and create single-function VM appliances optimized to run Java applications without an operating system
  • Create complex topologies using a drag-and-drop visual interface
  • Horizontally scale deployed applications with a single command
  • Customize and provision complex enterprise applications with minimal to no manual intervention onto virtualized or cloud environments
  • Drive single-step, template-based deployment of multi-tier applications to virtualized environments
  • Leverage "fluid" virtualized hardware by dynamically scaling up/down underlying software infrastructure and applications
  • Capture the configuration of each software component from an existing application environment and package them into a collection of customized software appliances
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Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is the #1 application server for cloud and conventional environments. It provides the highest performance and scalability, dramatically simplifies deployment and management, and accelerates time to market with a modern, lightweight development platform.

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