Oracle Access Management

Comprehensive Access Management for Applications, Data, and Web Services

Delivers risk-aware end-to-end user authentication, single sign-on, and authorization protection, enabling enterprises to secure access from mobile devices and seamlessly integrate social identities with applications.

  • Oracle Access Management
  • Oracle Access Management
  • Oracle Access Management
  • Oracle Access Management
Feature Benefit
Comprehensive Web Access Management, Web Single Sign-On, Identity Propagation, and Federation
  • Provides centralized, policy-based authentication and single sign-on for Web applications, Web services, and data and cloud services
  • Delivers seamless single sign-on to enterprise resources from any device including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices
  • Enables on-boarding of partners and service providers faster using industry security standards
  • Provides standards-based secure propagation of identity across applications and Web services
Mobile and Social Sign-On
  • Delivers seamless single sign-on across native and Web applications on mobile devices
  • Enables low-value enterprise and consumer-facing applications to consume identities from social networks and other third-party identity providers using popular user-centric identity standards
Real-time External Authorization
  • Provides real-time external authorization for applications, middleware, and databases with enterprise-class scalability and granular security
  • Provides interoperability with a wide spectrum of modern industry authorization standards (XACML, RBAC, ABAC) for enhanced security, greater choice and flexibility
  • Delivers out-of-the-box integration with a variety of native, custom, and third-party applications, application servers, data persistence frameworks, directory servers, portals and content management systems, and XML gateways
Adaptive Access and Fraud Detection
  • Provides a unique combination of knowledge-based authentication with registration, answer, and fuzzy logic for the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite
  • Enables you to add sophisticated security to basic authentication flows in a few easy steps
  • Delivers real-time fraud detection and proactively prevents fraud
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