Oracle Business Rules

Easily Define and Modify Business Logic Without Programming

Leverage faster, easier rule modifications and reduce subsequent redeployment costs by defining and maintaining business rules outside of the related process or application.

  • Oracle Business Rules
  • Oracle Business Rules
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  • Includes a rule authoring tool, a rules engine, and a development kit
  • Authoring tool presents an English-like paradigm for declaring rules that can be used by both programmers and business analysts
  • Provides a fast and efficient JSR-94-compliant RETE-based rules engine written in Java
  • SDK enables rules generation by custom rules-editing applications
  • Minimize workload for IT by putting business logic control into the hands of the business people
  • Evaluate rules rapidly using a lightweight, high-performance rules engine
  • Use business rules seamlessly in Java, XML, and Oracle SOA Suite technologies
  • Customize rule-authoring tools for any type of interface through this open architecture
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Oracle SOA Suite makes it easier than ever to build, deploy, and manage SOA with complete, open, integrated, and best-in-class technology.

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