Oracle Virtual Networking

Wire-Once, Software-Defined Network Fabric

Virtualizes SAN and LAN infrastructures by defining connectivity in software, giving you the flexibility and agility you need for private, public, or hybrid clouds. By consolidating your SPARC and x86 systems into a single data center fabric, you can reduce infrastructure complexity by up to 70% and cut OPEX by up to 50%.

  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect
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  • Includes Oracle Fabric Interconnect hardware and software components: Oracle SDN, Oracle Fabric Manager, and Oracle Fabric Monitor
  • Connects all of the virtualized resources in any network or storage device, providing virtual I/O capabilities and software-defined networking between systems
  • Enables you to adapt your infrastructure on the fly, dynamically adding or removing I/O resources without server reboots
  • Delivers larger server pools with scalable I/O, scaling up to 1,000 of Oracle’s SPARC or x86 servers when configured with eight Oracle Fabric Interconnects

What's New

What's New

Press Release

Oracle Introduces Oracle Virtual Networking Support for OpenStack

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What's New

IDC White Paper

Oracle Virtual Networking Delivering Fabric Virtualization and Software-Defined Networks

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What's New

White Paper

Implementing the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance in a PCI compliant environment

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Customer Success Stories

Oracle Virtual Networking and Bitbrains

"Since 2007, we have continued to rely on Oracle Virtual Networking's low-latency and high-speed fabric to meet our clients' demand very quickly and elastically scale up and down both network and compute resources in our virtualized environment."

Hein Brat, CEO, Bitbrains IT Services
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Webcast: Oracle Introduces New Virtual Network Services and Low-Cost Ethernet Switches
Video: Breakthrough Data Center Improvements with Oracle Fabric
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