Oracle On Demand Extended Services



Enhanced Recovery Services
Provides Data Protection to keep your data secure and Service Restoration to support continued business operations in the event of a disaster.


  • Oracle creates a full copy of the production environment at Oracle's Austin Data Center to a Remote Data Center Site (RDS) using the Electronic Vaulting and Dataguard mechanism. Infrastructure such as servers and storage is also maintained at the RDS
  • Customers can choose recovery points, recovery times, and capacities to meet their specific business and regulatory requirements
  • Service is available with five-day, one-day, and maximum availability recovery options


Transition Advisory
Supports customers and implementers executing a migration to Oracle On Demand or a significant upgrade/expansion of the existing On Demand product footprint.


  • Ensure successful implementations that align with Oracle On Demand architecture and operational standards
  • Service includes management of On Demand technical tasks and Go-Live Support
  • Also includes guidance for On Demand standards, procedures, environments and tools, and technical guidance regarding compliance requirements

Migrate your Oracle E-Business Suite environment to a standardized deployment on a proven reference configuration. Oracle works seamlessly with your organization to provide the technical migration, while your team provides the functional migration.


  • Ensure a rapid and cost effective migration by leveraging Oracle's experience
  • Includes assessment of the level of compliance with Oracle On Demand standards
  • Benefit from a Production Readiness Assessment and post go-live support

CEMLI Migration
The CEMLI Migration Service migrates your CEMLIs from an off-line Oracle E-Business Suite environment to a standardized deployment on a proven reference configuration.


  • Oracle provides the technical CEMLI migration while your team provides the functional testing for CEMLIs
  • Ensure a rapid and cost-effective migration by leveraging a repeatable, lower-cost delivery methodology
  • CEMLI Assessment and CEMLI Modification establish and modify CEMLIs' level of compliance with On Demand CEMLI standards

Transform your Oracle E-Business Suite R 11.5.x environment to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. Oracle's Upgrade Service is designed to provide for ongoing operability and built with software management efficiencies in mind.


  • Accelerate time-to-value for new Oracle E-Business Suite R12 capabilities
  • Service includes Technical Upgrade, CEMLI Upgrade, Functional Upgrade, and Functional Testing
  • Production Readiness and 30 days of Post Go-Live Support ensure proper functioning of upgraded environment


Functional Service Desk
Oracle On Demand's Functional Service Desk provides technical and functional experts to help employees incorporate new solutions into their business, resolve issues more quickly, and return employees to performing business functions.


  • Services provide quick diagnosis and end-to-end business flow problem resolution for On Demand customers
  • Improve the quality and reduce the cost of supporting your systems by leveraging Oracle experts
  • Functional and administrative support frees up your business experts to focus on innovation and strategic projects

CEMLI Management
The CEMLI Management Service provides maintenance of your Oracle E-Business Suite CEMLIs within the production environment and helps protect the functionality of your CEMLIs from the impact of configuration changes, patches, and minor point releases.


  • Oracle provides maintenance while your team provides the functional testing for CEMLIs
  • Get proactive support, including identifying the impact of Oracle maintenance code releases and minor releases on CEMLIs, retrofit of affected CEMLIs, and more
  • Service includes development of new CEMLIs and modification of existing CEMLIs


Load Testing
Oracle On Demand Load Testing Services mitigate the risk of system changes, such as implementations, upgrades and patches, by testing the capacity/load characteristics of your Oracle environment.


  • Identify configuration and performance problems prior to production
  • More reliable and timely implementations, upgrades and patching
  • Service includes software licenses for Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications

Regression Testing Services
Mitigates risk of software changes such as patches, upgrades, new Oracle products and CEMLIs by testing standard Oracle product functionality and/or the functionality of CEMLIs in the customer's Oracle environment.


  • Verifies that specific business functional flows work after software changes have been made
  • Uncovers software regressions to reduce go-live risk
  • Reduces risk of functional failures after patches, upgrades, or other software changes


PCI Compliance
Oracle On Demand is a Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider recognized by Visa and MasterCard since 2006, and can help you achieve compliance with the PCI Data Security Standards.


  • Reduce the time and cost associated with achieving and maintaining PCI compliance
  • Base and Advanced PCI Compliance Services allow you to select the level of service according to your business needs
  • Gain access to a complete solution using Oracle PCI Partners' cost-effective solutions, including audit, consulting, and complementary security software products

Strong Authentication
Oracle On Demand Strong Authentication Service can help On Demand customers protect their hosted application environments against unauthorized access, deliver real-time web fraud detection and prevention, and enable compliance with strong authentication requirements.


  • Use of virtual authentication devices allows customers to effectively combat threats from keystroke loggers and phishing attacks in real time.
  • No code change required in the protected application, nothing to install on the customer network or client machine.
  • Real Time Identity Protection and Fraud Prevention

Federal Security Services
The Security Management (Federal Zone) option of Oracle On Demand for U.S. Federal Government includes increased security services for all departments and agencies using Oracle's On Demand service.


  • Services are designed to enable customers to remain compliant with a range of federal legislative and executive mandates and directives relating to federal agency information and software technology applications
  • Oracle provides physical and logical isolation of operations in the secure Federal Zone of our Tier IV Austin Data Center (@Oracle Deployment)
  • Receive rapid response from an assigned U.S. service delivery manager and 24/7 U.S. citizen operations


Pre-Production Environment
Provides On Demand customers with a non-production environment to facilitate demonstration, training or implementation activities including development and testing of Oracle products.


  • Ability to jump-start implementations
  • Managed services ensure quicker implementation turn-around
  • Mitigates risk and cost of migration to On Demand

Enhanced Refresh
Enhanced Refresh Service provides On Demand customers with expedited refreshes during implementation and on-going projects.


  • As-needed, when-needed support
  • Expedited execution to aid in reducing implementation cycle
  • Flexible solution to meet varying customer needs

DBA Support
The DBA Support Service provides installation and configuration support of the Oracle technology stack, CEMLIs, and third-party software.


  • Base Services include database and applications patching and administration, database space management and more
  • Advanced Services provide assistance with configuration changes, review of go-live cutover plans, and performance monitoring
  • Premium Services offer technical input to project and capacity planning, technical oversight of significant configuration changes, and post Go-Live support

Governance Services
Governance Service provides a formal management framework and structure that enables both Oracle and customers to manage their relationship, expectations, dependencies, and services through the life of the On Demand agreement.


  • Oracle provides assistance planning and scheduling strategic events, and pro-active solution identification when additional products and services will provide business value
  • Get relevant delivery process information to ensure your business has the necessary information to plan, approve, and execute changes
  • Receive periodic service reviews and continuous service quality improvement