Sun Dual Port 10GBase-T Ethernet Networking Cards

Advanced PCIe 2.0 Networking for Oracle’s SPARC and x86 Servers

Oracle’s Sun Dual Port 10GBase-T Ethernet Networking Cards, supporting IEEE 802.3an standards, are designed for Oracle’s portfolio of SPARC and x86 servers and deliver outstanding cost effective performance for bandwidth intensive applications and virtualized environments in data centers and the cloud.

  • Sun Dual Port 10GBase-T Ethernet Networking Cards
  • Sun Dual Port 10GBase-T Ethernet Networking Cards
  • Sun Dual Port 10GBase-T Ethernet Networking Cards
  • Sun Dual Port 10GBase-T Ethernet Networking Cards
Stay Connected:
  • Choice of form factors: Low profile adaptor and ExpressModule for Oracle Sun SPARC and x86 servers
  • Reduce I/O bottlenecks and improve database and application performance by supporting advanced networking and virtualization capabilities incorporated in Oracle Solaris and Oracle VM
  • Backward compatibility with existing 1GBase-T infrastructure offers smooth transition and easy migration to 10 GbE
  • Industry-standard PCIe 2.1 support doubles the bus speed to 5 GT/sec. Uses Intel X540 controller
  • Direct access to hardware from virtual machine environments increases performance and reduces the number of required adapters, cables and switch ports
  • Efficient load-balancing reduces bottlenecks for high-performance applications in the data center or the cloud
  • Higher application performance and lower CPU utilization
  • Improved virtualization performance with elimination of I/O bottlenecks between virtual machines
  • Industry standard, cost effective connectivity to both LANs and iSCSI SANs
More About Sun Ethernet Networking Products

Oracle's line of Sun Ethernet networking products provide high-performance interconnects that help eliminate network bottlenecks, simplify IT infrastructures, and enable the creation of end-to-end integrated enterprise platforms.


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