Oracle’s New Sun Netra x86 M3 Servers

Industry leading carrier-grade servers deliver continuous service to demanding 4G networks and cloud deployments.

Oracle, the leading technology provider to the communications industry and the only vendor offering a complete portfolio of long life, highly reliable carrier-grade servers is announcing two new Sun Netra x86 M3 servers. The Netra Server X3-2, 20” deep rackmount server, and the Netra Blade X3-2B Server Module are built to meet the demanding needs of today’s fast paced telecommunications market. Both servers are powered by the embedded eight-core, Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600-based Platform for Intelligent Systems. These new servers are designed to support the increasing demands of network infrastructure workloads and cloud-based deployments and are NEBS™ Level 3 certified and ETSI compliant.

Oracle’s Sun Netra x86 M3 servers deliver the industry’s best value and are the safest choice for providing continuous service for extended deployments. Simple to manage, they are the ideal platform for building out 4G networks and cloud deployments. Sun Netra x86 M3 servers come with no limit virtualization, a choice of operating systems, and a complete cloud-provisioning infrastructure built-in at no additional cost. They are designed from the ground up to deliver uninterrupted reliability, proven long system lifecycles, and the stability to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including severe earthquakes. A single integrated management tool enables simplified control across the entire stack of Oracle hardware and software components to ensure maximum efficiency for communications data centers. Full-stack systems management is available for Oracle support customers.


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