Frequently Asked Questions

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Oracle Remanufactured Program
  1. Do Oracle's remanufactured products include a warranty?
    Yes. When you purchase remanufactured products (options), you get a same-as-new warranty included at no extra cost. For details, visit Oracle's warranty information page.
  2. Does Oracle offer remanufactured systems?
    No. Oracle no longer offers whole systems via Reman. Oracle does offer remanfactured options (upgrades) and spare parts.
  3. Can upgrade allowances be applied to the purchase of remanufactured options?
    No. The UAP only applies to new option/component purchases.
  4. Where can I find current remanufactured product offerings and availability?
    Visit the Remanufactured Products page to view the Reman Products Listing.
  5. How can I order remanufactured products?
    Contact an Oracle representative or Oracle Partner.

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