Sun Blade 6000 and Sun Netra 6000 Virtualized 40 GbE Network Express Module

Flexible and Cost-Effective Network Connectivity for Virtualization

Oracle's Sun Blade 6000 and Sun Netra 6000 Virtualized 40 GbE Network Express Module is the industry's first fully virtualized 40GbE network aggregation solution to meet the needs of demanding workloads. It provides scalable I/O throughput (1, 10, 40 Gb/sec) for multiple blade servers with zero management overhead.


  • Distributed applications
  • Highly virtualized cloud computing environments
  • Enterprise application infrastructure software, including Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
  • Clustered databases


  • Embedded network virtualization with zero management overhead
  • Simplified data center infrastructure with 10:1 cable reduction
  • Configuration flexibility for heterogeneous consolidation
  • Simple, hot-swappable design reduces application downtime


Feature Benefit
Embedded network virtualization Lower complexity
Seamlessly integrates into the Sun Blade 6000 chassis Cost-efficient, virtualized access that meets the needs of enterprise workloads
Eliminates extra switching layer Simplified data center infrastructure
10:1 cable reduction Lower cost of operation
On-demand granular bandwidth allocation Deterministic QoS and SLA with higher performance and efficiency
Standards-based Single Root I/O Virtualization Improved I/O throughput and reduced CPU utilization
Security by default Network traffic isolation between server nodes
Simple hot-swappable design Reduced application downtime
Zero management overhead Lower TCO
No-cost, full-featured Oracle single system management software Simplified management and lower TCO


  • Two virtualized 10 GbE uplinks or one 40 GbE uplink shared by all blades in the chassis
  • Dedicated 10/100/1000 Mb/sec Ethernet port per blade
  • Hot-pluggable operation in the Sun Blade 6000 and Sun Netra 6000 chassis
  • Full-featured Oracle single system management software

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