Sun Rack Cabinets

Sun Rack Cabinets

Flexibility and Ease of Use
This standard 19" rack cabinet offers a variety of power options to accommodate high density deployments of Oracle's Sun servers, blades and storage systems. In addition to being designed with flexibility, ease of use, and optimization of data  center space in mind, Oracle's Sun Rack II is an enterprise-class rack that can be fully loaded and shipped with equipment.


  • Optimized for vertically dense applications
    42RU high with two options: 1200mm deep Sun Rack II 1242 and Sun Rack 1242E rack; and 1058 mm deep Sun Rack II 1042 and Sun Rack II 1042E rack. These options provide a comfortable fit for most IT components, power, and cabling, all within 2 floor tiles of depth.
  • Compact PDUs with metering features
    New, Zero RU, extremely easy to install Power Distribution Units (PDUs), with a choice from 5kVA up to 37kVA per power strip depending on your application. PDUs come with phase current metering features.
  • Adjustable 19" RETMA rails
    RETMA rails easily adjust to provide the desired rail location for every application.
  • Optimized air flow
    Cabinet doors provide 80% perforation, one of the highest levels of closed cabinet air flows.
  • Robust Enterprise Design
    Designed and tested to one of the most stringent dynamic load requirements in the industry. The Sun Rack II can be shipped with up to 2215 lbs of equipment integrated into the rack.
  • Updated Industrial Design
    An improved look-and-feel to complement the latest server and storage equipment from Oracle.


  • 42RU of space
  • 600mm wide, with standard square hole 19" RETMA rails
  • Choice of 1058mm and 1200mm in deep
  • Selection of 5kVA up to 37kVA metered PDUs

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