SPARC Enterprise M8000 Server

Highly scalable, mission-critical server for enterprise consolidation

Providing 24/7 mission-critical services, Oracle's SPARC Enterprise M8000 server delivers expansion and virtualization capabilities with maximum uptime.

  • SPARC Enterprise M8000
  • SPARC Enterprise M8000
  • SPARC Enterprise M8000
  • SPARC Enterprise M8000
Feature Benefit
New SPARC64 VII+ processor with increased clock speed up to 3.0 GHz and 12 MB on-chip L2 cache

Increased compute power and faster memory access improve application performance over previous generation servers

Oracle Solaris is pre-installed on every server

Provides the software scalability, manageability, virtualization, and RAS capabilities required for mission-critical deployments

New Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center capabilities specifically for SPARC M-series servers

Further simplifies systems management of Oracle's integrated stack and increases SPARC M-Series virtualization capabilities

16 dynamic domains and built-in support for thousands of Oracle Solaris Zones at no additional cost

Gain flexibility and faster ROI with increased system utilization from extensive, low-overhead partitioning with maximum isolation. Provides an ideal mission-critical consolidation platform.

Hot swappable power supplies, fans, I/O cards, processors, and memory

Keeps systems up and running around the clock by minimizing maintenance down time

Processor RAS features such as ECC protection, instruction-level retry, register protection and cache degradation

Protects data integrity and reduces downtime

Oracle Solaris' predictive self-healing

Maximizes up time by preventing faults before they occur and brings systems back up quickly to ensure high service levels. Built for mission-critical applications.

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